Saturday, May 16, 2009

"The Reagan Era Is Over"

So sayeth the liberals (Democrats). They HOPE that is true, but it cannot be. The “Reagan Era” was the “Era of Truth.” The “era of Truth” can NEVER be “over.” They hope if they tell this lie often enough, enough people will believe it.

MEXICO OVERESTIMATES PANDEMIC: They’ve overestimated the number of confirmed cases by HALF. The actual number of cases is HALF that of their estimate. Think, PANIC? The world at large is following suit, overestimating the numbers and doing things like killing ALL the pigs in Egypt, causing many demonstrations. Now they’re saying, “Oops, never mind. The news media says, “We’re only reporting the numbers they give us.” This is common.

PIRATES CAUGHT (AGAIN): The same bunch of pirates they caught, then released the other day were caught again trying to hijack ANOTHER ship. So what did they do? They released them again!

JACK KEMP DEAD: As with Ronald Reagan, they’re never be another like him. He was the “father of Reagan’s “across-the-board” tax cuts. You know, the ones that ALMOST DOUBLED the “tax take” while creating the biggest, longest-lasting economic boom in history? THAT Jack Kemp. The one who, along with Jack Kennedy and George Bush, KNOW that REDUCING taxes “across the board” will PROMOTE more business and INCREASE the profits made by “the rich,” and therefore increasing the amount of taxable income, thereby increasing not only the “tax take, ” but the employment figures, as well.

NOBODY LIKES A DEFECTOR: Even if he is defecting to THEM. Arlen Spector, who previously defected to the Republicans but still voted with then democrats, has now defected BACK to the Democrats, where he should have been, all along. But Congress (dominated by Democrats) has voted to strip him of his seniority in all his committees as punishment. Good riddance.

MADE A DEAL WITH THE TALIBAN: They broke it. So what else is new? And they expected the Taliban to stick with their agreement? They should join the real world! The only way the Taliban will keep a deal is if it allows them to kill at will, anybody who doesn’t believe the same way they do. C’mawn, people! How stupid is that?

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