Saturday, May 23, 2009

Killing The Controversy

Obama continues to refuse to show his birth certificate to prove he is actually a U. S. citizen and even spends a lot of taxpayer money to fight the effort to force him to do so. Why? Does he just want to be obstreperous? Or is it that he CANNOT? I’m not angry about this issue; I’m just mystified.

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? For a “Catholic university” to invite Barack Obama, a man who is solidly in the abortion camp (something that is patently an anathema to all REAL Catholics) to speak at their commencement ceremony is “not too bright. Are they surprised at the “controversy?” Do they “minimize” it by calling it a “controversy?” I don’t know. I’m not a Catholic. But abortion is MURDER, regardless of religious convictions. I just wonder what they were THINKING.

TEACHING KINDERGARTENERS ABOUT GAY SEX: In Alameda (city or county, I don’t know) California (only in California), they want to teach KINDERGARTENERS that “gay sex is okay.” I don’t know about you, but I think teaching children at that age about ANY kind of sex is inappropriate. Especially when they make it MANDATORY. I guess this can be expected with liberals “in charge” in Washington. Do you disagree? Tell me about it.

DRUG WAR A FAILURE: Like most government “wars,” such as the “war on poverty,” the “drug war” is a failure. Look at the figures: there are MORE PEOPLE abusing drugs today than there were when the “drug war” started. Similarly, the number of people “living below the phony poverty level” is much higher than when the “war on poverty” started. These phony “wars” are merely excuses for them to make laws they could not have made otherwise, and to tax you more “to fight the ‘war’ on (fill in the blank).” It’s just a politician’s scam.

THEY LOOK LIKE NAZIS: Has anybody noticed that the uniforms (particularly the helmets) worn by SWAT Teams look just like the ones worn by Nazi “Storm Troopers?” I guess since they got most of their “moves” from them, why not their uniforms, too?

WILL NETANYAHU “BEND OVER”? Will he “bend over and grab his ankles" to “appease” the Islamics and approve a separate Palestinian State, thus proving they are right, and they CAN win by killing innocent people? The Islamics are free to move from Israel and set up their own sovereign state. They don’t have to take valuable real estate from Israel, who WON that real estate legally in a war

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