Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Get Used To It!"

That’s the new “watchword” for the Obama administration. They KNOW Americans don’t want MOST of the things Obama and his henchmen are doing, but they just don’t care what America wants. They say, “just get used to it.” I don’t intend to “get used to” his idiocies. I intend to do everything I can do to sabotage him. Gawd, what a brainless idiot he is! And I say this with many good reasons, not “in general,” as liberals did with their “knee-jerk” hatred of George Bush.

SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST STUPID! In Nigeria, some preachers CLAIM to be able to “recognize” witches, for a price. They hold them for weeks in churches and beat them unmercifully (Call the “child protectors! Here’s a case of REAL child abuse!) Don’t they know that if these children were REAL witches, they would, and COULD kill such people for beating them and imprisoning them? How stupid ARE these people?

“THOUGHT CRIME”: They call it “hate crime”, but it is really “thought crime.” Police who pursue such crimes are “thought police” a la George Orwell’s “1984.” The Constitution allows people to think ANYTHING, no matter how repugnant, as long as it doesn’t lead to crimes. There is already punishment for those crimes in the law, but to add MORE punishment because the perpetrator may be thinking what we consider wrong thoughts is both stupid and unconstitutional. Nobody dislikes a racist or other “hater” any more than I do, but to punish his/her THOUGHTS? Now that’s stupid, and an excess. AND it’s unconstitutional.

THE NEW LIBERAL TAX RETURN: It is simplified. It has one question and one instruction: “How much do you make?” “Send it in.”

WILL MICHAEL VICK EVER PLAY FOOTBALL AGAIN? Not if I have anything to do with it. But of course. I have no say in it. If he’s a superlative football player, SOMEONE is going to hire him. Unless the football commissioner gives him a “lifetime ban,” which is possible. The Constitution’s ban on multiple punishment doesn’t stop the football commissioner from doing that.

CUT FUNDS, THEN DEMAND MORE: That’s the hallmark of the bureaucrat. They cut your funds, and in the same memo, demand more out of you. That this is not possible doesn’t seem to occur to them. But then, they’re stupid.

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