Monday, July 2, 2018

Socialist Wins Democrat Primary

Unseating an established member of Congress, who now cannot run for re-election as a member of his party--which is the Dumocrat Party, of course. Socialism is the face of the Dumocrat Party, now. Openly. This is how the communists took over in Russia, and served up 75 years of misery on the Russians. Convince people who want to live at the expense of others that communism (which is a close relative of socialism, both of which are collectivism, a system of THEFT from those who produce new wealth, to benefit those who don't) is the "way to go."

COURT ELIMINATES FORCED UNION DUES: The Supreme Court finally "got it right." they had a decision that ENDED the practice of FORCING people NOT union members to pay "tribute" to unions in order to keep their jobs. I fell victim to that early in my sign painting career when I desperately needed a job in Toledo, Ohio, a state where that practice was a regular thing. I LOST that job because I would not pay tribute to a union, which helped me not at all. They claim this ruling "hurts workers," but that's a LIE. It only hurts UNIONS, and that can be only a GOOD thing. I didn't stay in Toledo very long.

POLITICS DESCENDING TO BARBARISM: Members of President Trump's staff can't even go out to eat today without being harassed by Trump haters. And even members of Congress (Rep. "Mad Max(ine" Waters) are advocating more of it. Sarah Sanders does nothing but talk to reporters every day, and puts up with their insults and lies, but she got "run out" of a restaurant, and her FAMILY, who aren't even Trump supporters were followed to another restaurant, where they were further harassed. This level of vitriol can only lead to violence, which is where we're heading if it doesn't stop.

LIBERAL JUDGES RUNNING THINGS: At least, that's what they think they can do. A liberal federal judge has now ruled that they must STOP separating families when parents are arrested for illegal entry into this country. This in spite of the fact that the president has told them the same in an executive order, which makes this "ruling" unnecessary. We should stop the practice of naming judges to LIFETIME appointments. There are way too many "holdover" liberal nominated judges, working against this administration.

"SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE": Is sauce for the gander. "Mad Max(ine)" Waters doesn't like it when she's subjected to a little bit of harassment from a voter, even though she thinks all Trump supporters should get some. A conservative reporter asked her some telling questions, and she refused to answer and tried to block that reporter's camera, eventually sticking her tongue out at her from behind a phalanx of armed security in a "member of Congress only" elevator. She thinks Trump supporters should be subjected to harassment, but not herself. There's a move on to have her censured, and asked to resign from Congress. Probably won't go far, but hopefully, it might. This witch needs to be slapped down.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Demonstrators came into a restaurant and disturbed the peace of everybody there so much, the DHS Secretary decided to leave. They SAY they're "exercising their First Amendment rights," but actually they're just "disturbing the peace" and should all be arrested for it and made to pay a huge fine. In that restaurant, or at her home. Especially at her home... Politicians make their own definitions when they want something they know they can't have. Like an American politician saying the "Second Amendment is only a suggestion." Or a Mexican politician saying, "Migration is a human right." Yes, it is. But not illegally. We have the right to say who enters out country, just as the Mexicans do. And they have some of the toughest immigration laws going....

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