Monday, July 9, 2018

Another Stupid Idea!

The Dumocrats are KNOWN for the stupid ideas they promote. Such as allowing MEN to enter women's restrooms and changing rooms if they feel like they are a woman that day. Never mind the unalterable FACT that if he has a penis, he is a MAN. That's NOT the "sex assigned to him at birth," it is an unalterable fact of nature. But not to Dumocrats and other liberals, to them there is "more than one sex." Made so by what people FEEL. Now they want to eliminate ICE, that agency that works HARD to stem the flow of illegal aliens and bloody murderous gang members who murder our citizens.

GUN CONTROL'S BASIC FLAW: It assumes that evil doers will OBEY the many laws they make. Also, They assume that eliminating LEGAL guns will also eliminate all the ILLEGAL guns (millions) already out there. Only the law-abiding obey their laws, and that makes them "easy targets" for those who IGNORE their laws. Potential (and past) mass shooters SEEK OUT " gun-free zones" in which to do their dirty work because they know the law-abiding people there will usually NOT be armed, and able to oppose them.

IS IT TRUMP'S FAULT? One Annapolis, MD victim (one left alive) is now blaming Trump for his injuries because of Trump's exhortation that the media is "the enemy." Really? Is it Trump's fault that a misguided individual with a grudge against a local newspaper came in and killed a bunch of people? That's a fool claim, born of frustration and previous bias. That fool didn't shoot up that newspaper office because of anything Trump might have said, true or false. He did it because of a PERSONAL GRUDGE against THAT newspaper, and nothing Trump said had anything to do with it. To think so is the thinking of a fool.

MUELLER'S CONFLICTS OF INTEREST: Mueller's "team" consists of people with many conflicts of interest, including attending Hillary's "victory" party on election night when they still thought she would win, and giving thousands of dollars to Hillary and other Dumocrats. And these are the people who are there for only one reason: "get" President Trump before he can finish "draining the swamp" with them in it. these "13 angry Dumocrats" are among the people Trump will "drain" and they know it. So they're going to work as hard as they can to come up with something, ANYTHING they can use to "dump Trump," true or not. The entire Mueller "investigation" is a string of conflicts of interest, and everybody knows it. Mueller's whole thing is a "coup."

IT'S ALL A BIG LOAD: The whole fiasco about "separating parents from their children" is a big load of stinky brown stuff--and you know what that is. It's a MANUFACTURED issue the Dumocrats hope to ride to victory in the next election, and it's not going to work. Tell me. When is the last time a PRISONER was allowed to bring his family to prison with him? When is the last time it was even SUGGESTED in any case but with illegal aliens? The fact is CRIMINALS normally don't even THINK about NOT being separated from their families when they commit a crime and get caught--unless they're illegal aliens committing THAT crime. They think they can use the compassion of Americans against them when they set out to commit that crime.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Poor babies! "Leftists are 'alarmed' at the number of conservative judges being appointed. Well, hell! I've been 'alarmed' for a long time at the number of LIBERAL judges being appointed.... I can't believe how ASININE liberals are. One just made a threat against a FOUR-YEAR OLD girl because she's related to President Trump! That has to be one of the LOWEST things I've ever heard anyone say. But that is liberals. They can't answer what we say, so they call us names and threaten our children.... There are more than 63,000 people killed by illegal aliens, and the liberal media ignores that, calling us "haters" for trying to bring that to the attention of the American people.... Stormy Daniels claims to have been given $130,000.00 after supposedly screwing Donald Trump. I guess that makes her a very expensive whore....

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