Tuesday, July 3, 2018

No Posts Tomorrow

We figure most people will be celebrating the Fourth, and probably will not be coming here, so there will be no new posts tomorrow, the Fourth of July. We'll be back Thursday, so watch for it.

THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE: The liberals (Dumocrats) have nothing for us except socialism, which we don't want. So now they're embarking on a campaign to intimidate everybody who even thinks about going to work for President Trump so they'll think twice before accepting an invitation. They raise sufficient hell in a public eating place that President Trump's press secretary, who has done nothing except field the insulting questions from liberal reporters, was forced to leave. Then they followed her family members to another restaurant, and harassed them further. But it's not going to work, because the kind of people who would work for Trump are not the kind who WOULD be intimidated by the whining, sniveling fools who think they can gain something by violence.

AWWW, POOR BABY! The Huffington Post actually ran this headline" "Goodbye Justice Kennedy, Goodbye gun control." Which shows that they know which Justices will vote their way, and which will not. And they know what we've always known, that gun control is a "lost cause," since the right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun, is GUARANTEED in the Constitution. They knew Kennedy would find a way to "get around" that, and they are pretty sure any justice Trump appoints will actually FOLLOW the Constitution, not try and "get around it."

IS SECOND AMENDMENT "OPTIONAL?" That's how it seems. In 2008, in the "Heller Decision," the Court finally RECOGNIZED that the Second Amendment was NOT "optional." That it DID allow citizens to be armed for self defense. Since then, the Court has avoided questions regarding the right to own and use the MEANS to self defense, a gun. Without which we remain defenseless against the millions of ILLEGALLY-owned guns in the hands of people who would do us ill. I'm convinced that the anti-gun fools WANT us to be defenseless against the "bad guys," whoever they are. They are not against gun ownership, per se, they're against SELF DEFENSE, but are unwilling to say it.

"COTTON PICKING" INSULT: David Bossie used a phrase that has been in use for many years without a problem, and got "suspended" for his trouble. The phrase was "cotton picking" A "too touchy" liberal jumped all over it on Fox when he uttered it, Fox apologized, and even suspended him. Maybe we should fire Bugs Bunny, because he has used that phrase for years. This is a good illustration of a liberal CREATING an insult, where none was intended. They do that regularly, condemning people for using old, long used phrases they DECIDE were "insulting." By so doing, they severely LIMIT words that can be used in a debate. And That's what they're after.

ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING: Another excuse for the anti-gun fools to demand more and more of their useless, ineffective gun laws that do NOTHING to stop such things. This one happened in a newspaper office in the Annapolis, MD area. The shotgun he used, he bought LEGALLY a year ago because he had not, at that time, committed a crime and was thus not prohibited from owning a gun. Legal guns or illegal guns, the laws didn't do a thing to stop this occurrence.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Familiar headline: "Left melts down over (fill in the blank)." The left melts down over almost anything somebody who doesn't agree with them does or says. And who really cares? At least, among intelligent people that is.... Peelosi says Trump's policies are "inhuman." Only to a fool, Nancy.... Fired FBI Director James Comey is "so ashamed" of being an American, he almost committed a crime in Ireland by telling them he was Canadian. Liberals are real fools.... Incompetent people call Trump incompetent, even though he's actually DOING what they should have been doing. Former CIA Director (who couldn't run the CIA) John Brennan (in a previous administration) is doing just that, in his abysmal ignorance.... Dumocrats revealed themselves when they rejected Trump's proposed legislation to eliminate the separation of children from their parents while their immigration status is decided. They don't want to solve the problem, they want it to "fester" so they can use it as an election issue. It ain't gonna work, folks....

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