Friday, July 6, 2018

A Day Late

When I took a day off for the Fourth, everything was fine. When I woke up on the fourth, my computer decided it didn’t have an operating system, so I had to take it to the computer hospital, where they replaced the hard drive and now I’m back, with what amounts to a brand new computer in an old package.

MAYBE OUR LAST CHANCE: The retirement of Justice Kennedy represents what may be America's last chance to remain a free nation. When Justice Antonin Scalia died (I think he was murdered to give Obama another liberal on the court), they tried valiantly to rush an appointment before Obama had to "step down" according to law, so the liberals could strengthen their hold on the Court for years to come. That effort was scotched by courageous Republicans who refused to even consider an appointment until the election was over, no matter who won. If Hillary had won, we'd have soon become a socialist nation.

WHY CAN'T THEY LEARN? The anti-gun fools never learn from experience. They have a single goal: to disarm all Americans not connected with the government in some way so as to make them defenseless against all comers, including the government, itself, criminals (a repetition, there), crazies, and Islamic terrorists, who have PROMISED to kill as many of us as they can, any way they can. They think the way to self defense is to make yourself defenseless. Every day there are stories that prove their every theory wrong, but they ignore them, while the liberal media won't run them.

BEFORE FACTS ARE KNOWN: The anti-gun fools were out Tweeting for more of their USELESS, INEFFECTIVE gun laws that only DISARM law-abiding people, leaving them DEFENSELESS against fools like the guy who shot up a newspaper office the other day. Gabby Giffords, a KNOWN anti-gun fool since getting shot in the head, Tweeted. "Summer interns shouldn't have to dodge bullets while doing their jobs....we need to do something about it." Yes, Gabby, your "insight" is stunning. Like a bullet. They SHOULDN'T have to "dodge bullets." They should be able to throw a few back at such fools, instead of having to hide under desks, cowering.

SO MANY STUPID PEOPLE! Every time some fool kills a bunch of people, no matter what he uses to get the job done, the anti-gun fools are INSTANTLY out in force demanding more of their useless gun laws that do NOTHING to stop such outrages. Why can't they understand a simple thing, that their laws are USELESS? They have to be aware of that. But they still insist on making more and more of them, trampling the Constitution in the process, and getting even more innocent people killed. There's a simple "cure" for such mass shooters, and that is a law-abiding person in that crowd with his/her own gun, the training and will to use it, who can END the quest to kill as many people as possible.

FAILED YET AGAIN: Again, a shooter in a mass killing got his gun legally, because, up to the time he murdered a bunch of people, he had not yet committed a crime that disallowed him from buying a gun. I'm talking about the killer in Annapolis, MD, who walked into a local newspaper office and killed five people with a shotgun that he had bought legally a year previously. NO, that's not an oversight. People who have committed no crimes have the constitutional RIGHT to own and use guns, and to buy same. The Second Amendment guarantees it. And unless the American people allow something STUPID to happen, that's not going to change.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Seems like Peter Fonda suggested Trump's son be kidnapped and held for ransom. Only a sick damned FOOL would would threaten a 10-year-old child, and it earned him a visit from the Secret Service. And, I hope, some other punishment. But then, most elite liberals are sick damned fools.... Trump can't win with the swamp, for losing. He finally did what they were clamoring for, and did away with "separating children from their families," and now they're whining about "imprisoning children." Trump just can't satisfy those fools. They're out to get him, no matter what.... Recent headline: "Democrats Offended by Trump 'Tweet." So what? Who the hell cares what "offends" Dumocrats? I sure don't.... More and more Dumocrats are calling for the firing of the DHS Secretary. Again, who cares? Like that's gonna happen. Actually, it didn't have to happen. Their unwarranted attacks on him caused him to resign. He couldn't take it any more....

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