Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Media Won't Cover It

There was an occasion of mass violence, with several life-threatening injuries, but the liberal media will do their usual "lick and a promise" coverage of it, and forget it. Why is that, you ask? Because a gun was NOT involved, and major coverage would not advance their anti-gun narrative.. It was a KNIFE attack, in a building where many illegal aliens live. Make your own conclusions, there. Was it an attack on those aliens, or BY those aliens? We'll never know if it was an attack BY those aliens because, again, that would not advance their pro-illegal alien narrative.

IT BEGAN WITH ABORTION: If you wonder why so many fools want to go around shooting a bunch of people, you have to figure out WHY they think it's right for them to do so. It's NOT the "easy access to guns" as the anti-gun fools claim as they try to stop us from being able to defend ourselves from those who don't OBEY laws, and get their guns any way they can, so they can victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey laws, even if we think they're stupid laws. One thing people don't notice is that, before "Roe V. Wade," the fateful Supreme Court decision that allowed the MURDER of millions of innocent, defenseless children, there were not many "mass shootings" or other mass killings outside of wars. With that decision, we cheapened human life. And it goes on from there.

THE LIBERALS ARE LOSING: So now they're pulling out all the stops in their efforts to intimidate us. The people they call "anti-Fascists" (Antifa) are now using the same tactics that were used by the Fascists and Nazi thugs during WWII. They're now physically attacking religious prayer groups who were legally meeting, and had a permit to gather (as if they needed one) with clubs and other weapons. It happened in Portland, Washington, but they weren't very good at it. They were "run off" by members of the prayer group who knew how to take care of themselves. the liberal news media predictably covered up the fact that the group was legally and peacefully assembling, while the other group (antifa) were NOT. They reported that, "two radical groups had a riot".

WHAT LAWS WOULD WORK? "Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said Thursday that Congress’s 'unconscionable silence' on gun laws has become “a green light for would-be shooters” after the shooting at a Maryland newspaper." What would you have them do, senator? Have them yap and yap all day and produce nothing of value? (Sorry. They do that, anyway.) Tell me, senator, what laws would you suggest that would stop a SINGLE mass shooting in the United States? Yeah, I know. You like background checks and gun-free zones. And safe storage, and age limits for gun purchases. And other useless crap like that. Now I ask: "Have ANY of those worked, in the past?"

"THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW!" There should be a law against crooks stealing guns right out of then holsters of the cops. Wait--there ARE laws against that. Basic laws against thievery of all kinds. Guns, too! But, with all the laws against it, that's what's happening in Japan, which is one of the tightest places in the world for anti-gun laws. In Toyama, Japan, a cop was stabbed to death and his gun stolen, then used for murder. I'd bet there are laws against that, too. But did ANY of them do anything to save this cop's life, or keep his gun out of the hands of a criminal? That is the basic flaw in ALL their highly touted anti-gun laws. They don't work.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: How CRAPPY is a fool who threatens a four-year-old CHILD because his grandpa happens to be president, and you insanely hate him? That's about as low as you can go. But that's what I expect of Dumocrats.... The New York Times whines about the immigrant "children" that came through their airport recently. But those "children" were only TECHNICALLY children, as they were all close to six feet tall and wearing the hoods that usually mark gang members and other kinds of criminals. Did anybody check to see if they were carrying guns? I doubt it.... "Mad Max(ine) Waters says, "God is with us" for Dumocrats. As if God took sides in anything but good or bad. Typical stupid crap coming out of her braying mouth. And, of course, she calls for VIOLENCE against cabinet members. Somebody needs to muffle this bit--er, witch. Isn't that a "terroristic threat?" For anybody else it would be.... 

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