Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"Get A Gun, Folks!"

That's the advice being given Trump supporters and associates because the Dumocrat Party is recommending VIOLENCE against ANYBODY who works for President Trump, or even associates with him. That includes his family, including a ten, and FOUR-year-old CHILD. How scurrilous is this? How LOW can Dumocrats sink? I've heard about some crappy politics in my time, but this is the crappiest I've ever seen. Calling for violence on Trump's people, as "Mad Max(ine) Waters has done can only lead to violence, as fools take her seriously, as some will. And when Trump's people take her seriously and GET guns, this can ONLY lead to unnecessary violence.

"IT'S TRUMP'S POLICY!" Some of the Dumocrats who think the rest of the Dumocrats are going too far when they demand that we abolish ICE, say that "It doesn't matter if we get rid of ICE. It's Trump's POLICIES that are at fault."They're right on the first point, but wrong on the last. Trump's 'POLICIES" are simply to enforce the law MADE by previous Dumocrat-controlled Congresses. And he has made it plain that, if they don't like what he's doing, they can change the laws. It's as simple as that. But they don't want to change the laws, they just want to b-tch about it.

HE COULDN'T GET A GUN: So he used a knife, killing and injuring many people, including a 3 year-old girl. The story doesn't say whether or not he tried to get a gun, just that he came to that birthday party in Boise, Idaho to kill. The article says they don't know if this was a "hate crime." But how could it be NOT a "hate crime?" Not necessarily your usual kind of hate crime, hate against Muslims (many Muslims lived there), but simply hate because he was earlier asked to leave because of his behavior. Looks like he hated that. Proof, again, that getting rid of guns will not stop such people from their evil deeds.

THEY FOUND NO BIAS: That's what the IG Report said. What does it take to dent the thick skulls of the "swamp's" bureaucrats? When an FBI agent sends an e-mail to another FBI agent saying, "Trump should never be president," while "investigating" him, and later another saying, "We will stop him," how is that NOT bias? Frankly, I think the bias is in the IG office. The IG appears to be PART of the swamp. Apparently, he believes that if he tells a lie, we will believe it, and he can "do his job" for the rest of the swamp, "clearing" other "swamp members."

THE "RIGHT TO MURDER": Senator Diane Feinstein, in "interrogating" a Supreme Court nominee, asked her about the "dogma" of the Catholic church against abortion. Frankly, I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that a high-ranking SENATOR would openly SUPPORT MURDER, right out in the open. But that's what DiFi did. She SUPPORTED the murder of millions of innocent, defenseless BABIES who are being murdered, every day--with the APPROVAL of the law, after a misguided (by liberals) Court decided that the Constitution mandated those murders. The specter of the court reversing that erroneous decision is making liberals crazy.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Former CIA chief John Brennan has shown himself to be as stupid as all former Dumocrat apparatchiks when he told "Republican heroes" to "force Trump out." I guess he knows nothing about the chain of command in the White House, if he thinks they CAN force the president out without cause.... "Mad Max(ine) Waters has been "reported" to the Secret Service for her exhortation to Dumocrats and other liberals to harass, and even hurt Trump associates. Did somebody really need to "report" her? Seems to me they would automatically investigate such actions.... Lady Gaga says, "Life is too much to take." This from an entertainer who is now a millionaire and living a "life of Reilly." This shows how stupid liberals can be.... With all the abject hatred they've shown for President Trump, I'd think liberals would soon start a second American revolution--if they had the guts. But those who have to have rooms in which to cry, where "never an opposing word is heard" don't have the guts to start anything when they're not protected by someone else who is a little stronger....

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