Monday, November 13, 2017

They're After Roy Moore

The liberals are after Judge Roy Moore with their phony accusations of sexual misconduct, based on nothing but the UNSUPPORTED WORD of a woman, and which is supposed to have happened 40 years ago! My question is, why the hell did she wait so long to accuse him? Why so it's just in time to hurt his chances to gain the seat formerly occupied by Jeff Sessions? Seems to me that if he were guilty, she'd have come forward a long time ago. And they say several other women have come forward, too. That's something else. It's not too hard to pay some women to lie about a sexual encounter years ago, with NO PROOF, to get a payoff.

THEY KNOW IT WON'T WORK: But they want to do it anyway. Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the most outspoken anti-gun fools (who, herself, carries a gun), has introduced a bill in Congress to revive the now expired "assault weapon ban" that she KNOWS won't work. She says she just wants the pro-gun crowd to know there IS a measure in Congress to reduce the numbers of "assault weapons" out there. Never mind the millions of "assault weapons" there are out there that were obtained ILLEGALLY. She just wants to get rid of those that can be used by law-abiding people who OBEY laws. This is just another example of liberal stupidity. They know their laws won't save a single life, but they make them, anyway.

IT'S "MALE WHITENESS!" One college professor (George Ciccariello-Maher) at Drexel University, blames mass killings on "men's whiteness" after the Las Vegas killings, and got himself banished from the campus at Drexel for his racism. Think what would happen if anybody said the same thing about "blackness." The liberals would lose their minds, and so would conservatives. The level of STUPIDITY this professor illustrated by this remark should cause him to be BANNED from ANY position where his stupidity and bigotry could infect the impressionable minds of our youth.

'UNARMED AND HELPLESS": Many churches are opposed to licensed gun carriers bringing their guns into their churches. They'd rather their parishioners be murdered in their pews than be able to defend themselves against rabid mass killers who hate Christians (incliding Catholics, Jews, etc.) and want to kill them. Some because their beliefs may be slightly different, and others who don't believe in anything, period. They want their parishioners to be unarmed and helpless when some fool comes in to kill them. Other churches welcome armed parishioners in their churches, and hope they will be trained, and willing to engage such people and save the lives of their people.

MOORE'S GONNA SUE: I don't think the Washington Post expected this. they've slandered many Republicans in their time, and most of them just "roll over and show their defenseless belly" while trying valiantly to overcome the unsubstantiated stories of sexual misconduct displayed in the pages of their newspaper. Moore's gonna sue, and I'd bet he's gonna get rich from that suit, because the Post has not a single shred or REAL PROOF that he tried to arrange an assignation with a 14-year-old girl. One girl's own MOTHER disputes her daughter's story of Moore calling her on her cell phone to arrange it. She says her daughter didn't even have a cell phone, nor a land line in her room at that time, making that story a LIE.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Dumocrats are quick to scream, "Don't politicize it" when we comment on some of their illogical actions, but who is it screaming for more gun control the same day as that Texas church shooting when there is NO WAY gun control would have stopped it?.... How many people have been killed and injured by LIBERALS? Yet the liberals keep telling us that the REPUBLICANS are the "nasty party." The latest victim of LIBERAL violence is Sen. Rand Paul, who was attacked as he mowed his lawn by a LIBERAL.... Anybody who disrespects our flag and our National Anthem in the NFL should be summarily FIRED, on the spot. and Colin Kaepernick should be the first, He should never be allowed to hold an NFL football again.... Ignorance personified: A Harvard dean denounces "It's Okay to be white" stickers on campus. An absolute display of arrogant RACISM....

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