Monday, November 6, 2017

Brazile Reveals the Truth

The Dumocrat Party chose the worst possible candidate to run against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primaries to help "stack the deck" in favor of the SECOND worst candidate, Hillary Clinton. figuring to convince America that there was actually somebody running against her in the primaries. They made the rules such that there was NO WAY Bernie could win the nomination, no matter how many primaries he won. The fact that when he won a primary, Hillary STILL got more delegates was an obvious tipoff. But the liberal media never called America's attention to this swindle, so very few people knew about it, except those intelligent enough to go somewhere besides the liberal media.

ARMED CIVILIANS COMPLICATE THINGS: That's what the cops say about several armed people who were present at the Wal-Mart store in Thornton, CO, when a gunman started shooting and killed three people before unconcernedly walking out and going away. Unfortunately, none of them confronted the shooter. But the cops were more concerned about how long it took them to review the security videos when they saw people other than the shooter with guns than they were with finding the guy actually shooting. By the time they found him on the videos, he was long gone.

"CONCEALED CARRY INCREASES GUN CRIME": At least, that's what a local article says. It begins with the story of a cop being shot investigating a domestic violence incident, but fails to mention whether or not the shooter would have been denied his gun rights if such a law existed. Most of the increase in gun deaths were, of course, suicides. Of the slight increase in homicides, no mention is made of how many "homicides" were law-abiding people shooting criminals in self defense, since anti-gun fools commonly conflate those with unlawful murders to get their phony numbers. That's how they get the numbers that allow them to run articles like this with a misleading headline.

DEMOCRATS CONDEMN BRAZILE: Surprise, surprise! Dumocrats (Hillary supporters) are condemning former interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile for reveling the truth about Hillary's "colluding" with DNC to keep Bernie Sanders from getting the Dumocrat nomination for president in 2016, They're also condemning Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) for agreeing with her. It seems that it's just "not done" for a Dumocrat to reveal the swindles and corruption that is in abundant existence in the Dumocrat Party. Howard Dean, a failed former Dumocrat presidential candidate, said, "Nobody has said that the election was rigged." Never mind that Elizabeth Warren and Donna Brazile, who ought to know, DID.

CMA RESTRICTS REPORTER QUESTIONS: Is it possible that the Country Music Association never heard of the First Amendment? They restricted reporters at the CMA Music Awards from asking about the Las Vegas killings until some of the artists hotly complained. They told them if they ask any "prohibited questions," their press credentials would be revoked. This is clearly an attempt to "muzzle" the press, and violates the very principle on which a free press is based. Fortunately, "wiser heads" prevailed, in the end, and those "rules" were reversed, after several artists "screamed bloody murder" about it.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Trump Tweeted that the Congress (or somebody) should investigate the Clintons for THEIR "Russian Connection." But will anybody do it? Doubtful. Dumocrats have too many "fixes" in place. I doubt if even a REPUBLICAN will do it.... Tony Podesta sent Fox host Tucker Carlson a "cease and desist order" telling him not to cover his resignation in the face of the investigation into his activities. So Tucker immediately reacted, both covering his resignation and his "cease and desist order." I guess fear didn't work with Tucker.... Leave it to Chief of Staff John Kelly. He suggested, the other night, another special prosecutor to investigate the CLINTONS and their "Russian Connection." When I said a Republican wouldn't do it, I didn't think about General Kelly, who ain't afraid of nuthin'....

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