Friday, November 10, 2017

Static vs. Dynamic Figures

The Dumocrats are stuck on static. That means they only figure the results of tax increases or reductions without taking into account the fact that changes in the tax picture CAUSE changes in the way people operate. So, of course, they figure ANY tax reduction MUST be accompanied by an INCREASE somewhere else, lest the government be forced to do with less money. What this ignores is the fact that ANY change in the tax picture, up or down, will cause people to do things differently. This means if you INCREASE taxes on something, people stop doing it, or at least reduce the amount of it they do. LOWER taxes on something, they do MORE of it. That's as predictable as the sun coming up every morning. Regan proved it yet again when he lowered the tax base significantly, and increased the "tax take" by almost 100%.

MORE ANTI-GUN LAWS? Whenever some fool takes a gun and kills a bunch of people, the anti-gun fools scream for "more gun laws!" Why? The many ignorant anti-gun laws already in effect did nothing to stop the shooter from getting his guns, even if he was BANNED from ownership of a gun by being a convicted felon. Many mass shooters have no felony convictions UNTIL they start killing innocents in clusters. In Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas, they easily got their guns, legally or illegally. What laws would have stopped the Las Vegas madman from killing all those people? By all reports, he was a "model citizen" up until he started spraying bullets into a crowd. The killer in Sutherland Springs Texas, had at least TWO reasons to be denied the use of a gun, but he had them, anyway.

"DONE NOTHING ON GUNS": The liberals keep telling us the Congress is "complicit" in gun deaths because they have "done nothing" to stop gun crime. What would they have them do? Everything they have tried up to now has done NOTHING to stop gun crime, so what should they try next? "Gun-free zones" doesn't work. Every mass shooting up to now has occurred IN a "gun-free zone." Mass shooters SEEK OUT gun-free zones because they can be pretty sure law-abiding people will not be armed there. Safe storage laws don't work. They only make it harder for legal gun owners to get their guns in operation fast enough to defend against an ILLEGAL gun. Gun registration and background checks haven't worked, because mass shooters often have no records, or just get their guns ILLEGALLY.

WHAT'S WITH THE GOP? They would happily lose the White House, and even control of the Congress if it would get rid of Trump. At least, some of them would, those who were "in the swamp." The "elite Republicans" are deathly afraid that Trump is going to knock down their houses of cards and destroy their little fiefdoms, as he has PROMISED to do. So they are going to try to discredit him before he can do it. Other Republicans realize the GIFT they have been given with control of all three branches of government, and will try to do the right thing. Those who don't, will mostly lose their next election and be gone. That's the upshot of Trump's intentions.

WILL THAT WORK? The Dumocrats have introduced legislation to BAN the gun used to STOP the shooter in his Texas church killings--as if that would stop similar killings. Which proves again the anti-gun fools just want to disarm everybody. I should point out that this shooter WAS a felon, and gun ownership was DISALLOWED for him. But he got four guns, anyway. What kind of a law would have stopped him? Can anybody tell me? I'd really like to know--if anybody has an answer, tell me. But frankly, I'll guarantee you nobody will be able to come up with ANYTHING that will WORK, because there ISN'T anything that will work, outside of allowing law-abiding citizens to own and carry their own guns for self defense--which the anti-gun fools will not hear of.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: The shooter in the Texas church shooting had his intended total massacre of an entire church congregation ended when a local man shot him, sending him fleeing from the scene as most other cowards do.... The Texas church shooter was prohibited from owning firearms, due to being dishonorably discharged from the Air Force. However, his car was filled with guns he had obtained illegally, in spite of all the laws against it. No anti-gun law would have stopped this coward.... Another reason to dislike Muslims; a Muslim Imam says right out that a Muslim man may "marry" his own daughter. The item I saw didn't mention her age, but I'd bet it included toddlers. If that is an anomaly among Muslims, okay. But I don't think it is. Though I'd be willing to be convinced. Some Muslims believe many things that go against logic, but maybe not all Muslims....

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