Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"Don't Mess With Texas!"

That's something the shooter in a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas learned, the hard way, when he walked into that church and started killing innocent people. An armed local shot him and ENDED his massacre, forcing him to flee to keep from getting killed, himself. But it didn't do him much good, because he was found dead inside his vehicle some time later. It is not known if he killed himself, was shot by pursuing deputies in a neighboring county, or died from the wounds suffered when the citizen shot him. But he's dead, which is a good thing.

GUN CONTROL IS FUTILE: Whenever we suffer a tragedy such as the mass shooting in Texas in a church, or the shooting of hundreds of people at a music festival in Las Vegas, the anti-gun fools scream for more gun control. Meanwhile, nobody notices that gun control had NO CHANCE of stopping the shooters in either instance. In Texas, the shooter was BANNED from owning guns, but when they finally found him dead after killing a lot of innocent people, he had FOUR guns that he obtained AFTER being dishonorably discharged from the air Force AND spending a year in jail for a felony. The shooter in Las Vegas bought all his many guns LEGALLY because he was NOT a felon.

INCAPABLE OF REASON: The anti-gun fools are incapable of logic and reason when they ridicule us for suggesting that law-biding people not be encumbered by their silly, stupid, unworkable anti-gun laws. They can see positive proof that allowing the law-aiding to be armed DOES help in stopping insane fools from killing even more people than they have, already, and they "brush it aside" as if we know nothing. That's a hallmark of the stupid--being too stupid to even know how stupid they are. Yet these are the kind of people we (not me) have elected to represent us. They get many people killed while obeying their stupid laws. Meanwhile, the "bad guys" blithely IGNORE their silly laws and go on killing people.

THEY'LL USE SOMETHING ELSE: The anti-gun fools (emphasis on FOOLS) think the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself, leaving the field clear for the thugs with their ILLEGAL guns to kill you. They think they can stop such crimes by mysteriously getting rid of all LEGAL guns while doing nothing to get rid of the ILLEGAL guns already out there. This is LOGIC, but they deny the very EXISTENCE of logic AND common sense. In communist China, it's almost impossible to get a gun legally. So those wanting to kill a bunch of innocent people just use a knife. A fool did just that recent;y, in Kunming, China, at a railway station, where four knife-wielding men murdered 29 people and wounded another 130. Not a single gun was involved.

DEMOCRATS CAN'T TELL TRUTH: Absolutely everything they tell us is a lie. They tell us 'the rich" don't pay their fair share in taxes when they have to know that the top 25% of money earners pay 80% of all taxes paid. They tell us every time Republicans put forward a tax reduction or a tax RATE reduction that it is a "tax break for the rich," when it is a tax break for EVERYBODY, including the rich. They emphasize how much more the rich get, without mentioning how much the rich put INTO the economy by their investets in job-creating projects. They tell us this even before being able to read the bill, and therefore cannot know what is in it, They don't care what's in it. They'll say that, anyway.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Wishful thinking: that's what it is when an Islamic terrorist says, "Islam is forever!" Or, "Islam will rule the world!" They really think by repeating these over and over, they can make it come true. Then, of course, when it doesn't, as it won't, they just kill people. That's their answer for everything.... The Dumocrats are "condemning" former DNC interim chair Brazile for telling the truth about the scheming and corruption in the DNC to keep "Crazy Bernie" from having a chance of beating Hillary. It seems telling the truth is just not done.... The Country Music Awards folks apparently thought they could "muzzle" reporters when they prohibited questions about the Las Vegas killings at the CMA awards. They found out different....

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