Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Lesson From Pearl Harbor

I was alive when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor by surprise WHILE pretending to negotiate with the United States. N. Korea isn't even PRETENDING to negotiate, while our Sec. of state tries and tries to get them to the negotiating table. The question in my experienced mind is this: Will N. Korea drop a surprise nuclear bomb on an American target, hoping to cripple us before we know it? Or will we drop one down his chimney before he can do it to make sure he can't?

INSTITUTIONAL RACISM: The Dumocrat Party has been the party of institutional racism from way back. At the same time, they have been accusing the Republican Party of being "the racist party," which follows one of their basic scams: accusing your opposition of what you are actually DOING. One of the recent obvious examples is MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell accusing John Kelly of racism because he criticized Dumocrat Congresswoman Frederica Wilson of being "an empty barrel" for her act of listening in on what should have been a private conversation and then "editing" the president's words to make him look like an unfeeling buffoon.

"FEEL GOOD" SOLUTIONS: This article says the Las Vegas killings have "brought gun control to new prominence." Where has this guy BEEN? All the Las Vegas shooting did was give the anti-gun fools yet one more excuse to promote their favorite "common sense solution" to gun violence, none of which have ever saved a single life from a shooting. He rightly notes that the revolution that freed us from the tyranny of a British King was as a result of the crown's attempt to DISARM the colonists. And after we freed ourselves, some of us continued the fight started by the British to disarm the American people. He says "any attempt to ban guns will result in a "tragic constitutional war." And he's right.

PUSHING THE LIE: JoyReid, MSNBC host, agreed with a guest that ALL racists are in the Republican Party, completely ignoring the Dumocrat Party being "THE racist party" for as many years as I can remember (and that's a LOT of years). The Dumocrats STARTED the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to be their "violent arm" and to help keep blacks down. She forgets that it was the Dumocrats that Martin Luther King demonstrated against, while Dumocrat Bull Connor sicced the dogs upon them. She forgets the fact that it was the Dumocrats who filibustered the Equal Rights Amendment, hoping to defeat it.

ANTI GUN LAWS FAIL: Again. And people die. Bob Morse, of Slow Facts was a believer in "gun control laws." Until he did a little research. What he found was that they are WORTHLESS. "Gun control disarms honest people who follow our laws, but gun control doesn’t stop convicted felons or mass murderers, who don't." I've been telling people this for many years, but the important people weren't listening. He shows that ALL the mass shootings to date have occurred IN "gun-free zones." And that many of the shooters have passed from one to many "background checks" on their way to infamy. The ones who were felons or otherwise not allowed to have guns simply got theirs ILLEGALLY. Some just STOLE them.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Somebody lies about Trump, and Trump responds, destroying him. The liberal media describes his response as being "unhinged," and stupid. Completely ignoring the provocation. They're just not used to a politician "striking back" when attacked, and they hate Trump, anyway.... Senator Corker accuses Trump of being a "serial liar." But he can't cite a single specific lie to support his cracks.... Christopher Smitherman (Dem) is a city councilman in Cincinnati. He has a gun carry permit, but he works to keep "the peons" from being able to get one. He says he needs it because of his position, but opposes others having the same right....

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