Friday, November 3, 2017

The Party of Radicals

If you want to know where the radicals go in politics, look no further than the Dumocrat Party. That's not an opinion--it is FACT. Look at the things they stand for. Everything they propose is a government giveaway that leads to socialism. They want to give away college educations. They scream about spending if a Republican proposes ANYTHING, but never question the cost of their own hair-brained schemes. And they want to give away many more things, including putting all Americans on Medicare. They support allowing MEN to go into women's restrooms and changing rooms if they think they're a woman that day, so they can gawk at your young daughters who are sometimes NAKED there, and they want to paint those who oppose that as bigots.

AS PREDICTED: I predicted the other day that Dumocrats would use that New York City TRUCK attack as a platform to promote gun control. and in just one day, I have been proven correct. New York Mayor DiBlasio and NY Governor Cuomo (both Dumocrats) came out YESTERDAY promoting more and tighter GUN CONTROL laws. How they justify that is a complete mystery to me, since the only guns involved were in the hands of hero cops, one of which shot the attacker, ENDING his attack. What is not mentioned is the fact that if ANY ONE of those people on that bike trail had had a gun and the will and training to use it, his rampage could have been ended even earlier, and some of those lives saved.

AS USUAL: The Republicans unveiled their tax plan today, emphasizing the money savings to be made by the average, middle class individual, who will get to keep thousands of dollars. Of course, Dumocrats emphasized the fact that "the rich" will get MILLIONS of dollars back. That sounds unfair, and Dumocrats told us YESTERDAY, before the plan even came out, and before they had any idea what was in it, that it was a "tax break for the rich." And it is. But it's also a tax break for EVERYBODY. And the rich, who put the most INTO the economy with their investments in jobs and commerce promoting projects tend to get more DOLLARS because they put more dollars INTO the economy in the very act of trying to EARN more money.

WHAT'S A "CISGENDER?" The liberals (Dumocrats) have coined another phony new word to confuse people. Actually, it's simple: "cisgender" refers to white men who live as the gender that is on their birth certificate. Of course, they'll probably go to work to stop a baby's sex even being mentioned on their birth certificate in the future. But they're looking to hire some people in the Dumocrat National Committee. Of course, they don't want any "cisgenders." which they define as "white men who live as the sex on their birth certificate," which means they are not members of the .001% of men who have decided they're women.

GOP PUNISHING ACHIEVEMENT: They're taking a page out of the Dumocrat playbook. Their new tax plan has a multi-tiered system that erases the 12% tax bracket for those EARNING more than a million dollars. The key word here is, "EARNING." By so doing, they're punishing the achievement that caused them to EARN more than a million dollars. The key for most "rich" is that they found something they could manufacture or otherwise provide to BECOME a millionaire, that a lot of people would want to buy, and they sold it to them. Like the guy who started Facebook, who just recently was named the "richest man in the world." Who was a broke student when he had the idea.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: "Draining the Swamp": Jeff Flake and Sen.Corker have announced they will not seek re-election. They didn't say so, but we all know they quit so they wouldn't be crushed in the next election. They were "part of the swamp," so they had to go... I read the funnies" every morning as part of my routine. This morning, one of them claimed that Kim Jong Un was "in distress" because of Trump's threats, fearing for his people. Missing was any mention of his provocations over many years. I get very tired of comic artists injecting politics, especially WRONG politics, into something that should be just funny.... Mueller is out to "get" Trump, and tthe recent revelation of an indictment of Paul Manafort is all part of it. Look for Dumocrats to try and try to connect this to the Trump campaign, of which it was NO part, With all the Trump haters on his staff, this is the best they could come up with....

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