Thursday, November 2, 2017

Slow Weekend In Chicago

Only 2 killed, and 21 wounded, including a 3-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl. The weekend numbers of wounded and killed in Chicago are usually much higher. Of course, since Chicago is one of the tightest gun law cities in the country, it's not surprising that so many die of "gun violence" there, since they have DISARMED the law-abiding people and left the way open to the ILLEGAL gun wielders such as gang members, who accidentally kill everybody around them while fighting with other gang members over their "turf."

LIBERAL STUPIDITY: California is known for its stupid actions in many areas. The latest action by the California Legislature and Governor Jerry Brown tops it off. The legislature passed a measure removing the requirement for stiff sentences for criminals using guns in their crimes, and Brown signed it into law. At the same time, he signed legislation keeping teachers and other school staff from bringing their guns to school, even if they are legal concealed carriers; two of the most EFFECTIVE "gun laws" there are. I've been saying to make using a gun in a crime should buy a criminal a much longer sentence, for years, but nobody was listening. Little did I know California HAD such a law in effect, until they threw it away. Same for letting teachers be armed.

IT'S A CON JOB: It always has been. Whenever a Republican comes out with a plan to reduce taxes for EVERYBODY, Dumocrats scream, "It's a tax break for the rich!" They say that before they even know what's IN the plan because they know they can fool the voters by emphasizing the total dollars, rather than the percentages. The rich are ENTITLED to get more DOLLARS than middle class people, because the rich put more dollars INTO the economy. Even if they pay a higher tax RATE, they're still going to get more DOLLARS. It is the INVESTMENTS of the rich that create the JOBS that benefit all of us. If you take more of their money away, they can't INVEST in projects that not only create JOBS, but also create COMMERCE. Then the economy (and employment) suffers.

KILL TERRORISTS NOW! I'm getting very tired of the misfit malcontents who decide they're superior to the test of us and to kill innocent people who have done nothing to them, just to make an obscure point. Any Islamic terrorist (or any other kind) should be shot on sight if caught in the act. Any not shot on sight should be condemned to death without the usual appeal and counter appeals that allow him to live for another 20 years after his crime. He should be put to death by firing squad, using bullets dipped in pig dung or bacon grease before being loaded into the guns. The shooters should aim, not for the head, which is instant death, and not so very painful, but should aim for the midsection, guaranteeing he be "gut-shot," and will suffer a long, PAINFUL death.

ISLAMAPHOBIA IS A CON: It's a con started by the Islamic terrorists, designed to stifle all criticism of their atrocities and make gullible people AFRAID to even SAY anything if they see or hear something that might lead the authorities to their depraved activities. People have been FIRED from their jobs for talking about seeing or hearing something that might stop an Islamic terrorist attack. And it has worked, because liberals have "lapped it up like a puppy eating ice cream." They've grabbed onto this phony, made-up word for their own purposes.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Kim Jong Un "warns" that we are "close to nuclear war" if we keep opposing his nuclear designs, but if he starts one, he's gonna DIE, along with millions of his people.... Dumocrats like to label all tax reductions as "tax breaks for the rich." What they don't tell us is that all tax cuts are tax breaks for EVERYBODY, including the rich, who put the most INTO the economy.... Talk about wasteful spending! Obama's administration "misplaced" $500 billion dollars. Did it go into their pockets? Remember Enron? That was only $63 billion.... TV execs want to drop 10 Monday night football games, and I think it's a good idea. There are now only TWO nights a week that don't feature football. That's way too much football, even if you're a fan....

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