Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Emulating the Russians

The Soviet Union was well known to use “mental illness” as an excuse to imprison people whose views and actions they didn't like. Now New York State is doing the same, to “confiscate” (steal) the guns of people they SAY (without any kind of proof) are “mentally unbalanced." It happened to retired 70-year-old Viet Nam veteran Don Hall when deputies showed up with an order to take his guns due to mental illness. He told them there must be a mistake, that he had never had any trouble with mental issues. The deputies fell back on that old excuse, “We're just doing our jobs.” as they took all his guns. Liberal New York is usually the first place such laws show up, so look for it to happen elsewhere.

ERIC BOLLING'S NEXT: The liberals are cutting down each top Fox host, one by one. They got Roget Ailes, then Bill O'Reilly. Both on specious sexual misconduct allegations. They tried for Sean Hannity, but he beat them. Now they're after Eric Bolling, primary host of that show with the silly name. “The Fox News Specialists.” They've accused him of sending lewd sex messages to at least three co-workers. The accusations were made in an ANONYMOUS article on Huffington Post. No proof was offered, as usual, and, again as usual, Bolling has been suspended pending an “investigation.” Fox seems to be very susceptible to such accusations, and reacts the way the liberals wish.

WE'RE FOR GUN SAFETY”: That's what Dumocrats in Wisconsin say as they oppose a law that allows children to be taught about gun safety. The bill allows the state to cooperate with an organization to teach those classes, and you know that will involve that “evil old NRA.” of course, because there's none better than them to teach gun safety. And since the anti-gun fools think the NRA is “evil,” they want nothing to do with them. What a big, juicy, stinky load of brown stuff THAT is! They're not for “gun safety,” they're for making us DEFENSELESS.

GUN CONTROL'S REAL GOAL: They've always got a “good reason” to take away your rights, but, as usual, the “good reason” is never the REAL reason. In gun control, that is as true as anywhere else. “Gun control is about money and power and control over you, and making you SUBMIT to government control, all the while making progress in the left's effort to reduce your individual rights, your Constitutional rights, and your freedoms.” It's as simple as that. It's all about POWER. The power to tell you what you can, and can't do. And their “laws” never stop, or even slow down “gun crime,” because they DEPEND on lawbreakers to OBEY their laws.

NEED NOT BE ASKED: I keep seeing “polls” that ask, “Was Obama the greatest president ever?” Every time I do, I want to throw up, thinking there are still people ignorant enough to answer “yes.” A simple look at his record will show any INTELLIGENT person that there is NO QUESTION that he was one of, if not THE worst president in the history of America. He “ended two wars” by RUNNING, leaving billions of dollars' worth of guns, ammunition, and equipment for the enemy to use on the locals. And that's just ONE of the stupid things he did. And some people believe he was a good president? Gimme a BREAK!

PICKING THE WORST: The Dumocrat Party is well known for picking the worst possible people to lead their party. We all know how stupid Nancy Peelosi has been, and how she screwed up her party so badly that they lost, big, in the last few elections, culminating in their 2016 loss in an election they thought was “fixed” in favor of Hillary Clinton, another bad choice for a leader. Now they're looking at Maxine Waters to lead their party. Waters has shown she is unhinged, and comes out every day with another stupid comment. Her latest is that Putrid....er, uh, Putin should be impeached, after Trump. Electing her as party leader would give her an even bigger audience for her insane rantings.

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