Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sheriff Arpaio Found Guilty

Guilty of enforcing the law, even though a federal judge told him not to. This is a good example of the atrocities that accrued from Obama's presidency: a good man and an excellent sheriff sent to prison for enforcing the law! How STUPID is that? But that's Obama—a man who should never have been allowed NEAR the Oval Office. Putting honest men in prison for doing their jobs. This is an example of the ATROCITIES that will arise from Obama's tenure as president. Arpaio refused to “knuckle under” to an UNCONSTITUTIONAL order and now faces six months in prison, having been convicted, by a liberal judge, of CRIMINAL CONTEMPT.

CONFIRMING HER STUPIDITY: It has been said, “Why open your mouth and confirm your stupidity?” Seems like Maxine Waters is determined to confirm HER stupidity. She has her mouth open all the time, making silly and stupid remarks about President Trump. She ought to be smart enough to shut up once in a while, but she's not. She makes some kind of a stupid remark about Trump just about every day, it seems. Her latest is an intimation that Mike Pence is “planning an inauguration,” as if something's going to happen to Trump. She keeps talking about impeachment, even though there's nothing to indicate one is impending. It's all in her feeble mind.

LIBERAL GOVERNMENT GONE WILD: I thought it was stupid for a federal judge to send Sheriff Arpaio to PRISON for doing his job, but some liberal COP has just done something even more stupid. A man wrestles a gun away from a criminal who tried to rob him in his HOME, then gets charged with attempted MURDER! How stupid is THAT? This happened in Porter's Lake, CANADA, where they have no Second Amendment. But it's still stupid! Kyle Edward Munroe and a friend were in his house and, when three criminals came in to rob them, wrestled their guns away. So cops arrested Munroe for attempted murder of the CRIMINALS! Go figure!

MAN GIVES BIRTH: Right. That's what liberals want you to think, anyway. What actually happened is that a woman transgender living as a man gave birth, and the liberal media reported that a MAN gave birth. And they expect us to BELIEVE that (fake news). Just like they want us to believe a man can menstruate. He can NOT. He doesn't have the PLUMBING to menstruate. They may fake some “evidence” that he does, like a pair of pants with bloodstains on them, but we STILL don't believe it. They report now that there are some 50 different sexes. That's a lie, too. There are TWO sexes: men, and women.

VENEZUELA IN TATTERS: Why? Socialism is why. Socialism and a president who is bound and determined to turn himself into a dictator. A president who is putting his opposition politicians in prison, and doing who knows what to them inside.; A country that was very rich, due to massive amounts of oil is now BROKE, with not even enough toilet paper on store shelves, due to lots of regulation and government control. Yet socialism still has many adherents and believers, because of its promise of freebies without the bother of working for it. Add to that, a power-mad president, against whom thousands are rioting and getting themselves killed by government troops, and you have a disaster in the making.

ANTI-GUN PIPE DREAMS: You'd think a university professor, especially one who is also a researcher, would know what he's talking about, wouldn't you? Well this one obviously does NOT. Stanford University professor and researcher John J. Donohue says that UNARMED people stop mass shootings more often than do ARMED people. Donahue's suggestion can be proven wrong, not only through logic, but through EXPERIENCE. It's basic premises are false. He says that “most people are not armed.” And then. “SOME mass shootings are stopped.” there is no “causal relationship” between the two.

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