Friday, August 4, 2017

Keeping Us Defenseless

I've come to the conclusion that this is the main objective of the anti-gun fools in governments in the United States. It seems like every time a citizen shoots somebody, even in self defense, the cops TAKE the gun they used, calling it “evidence,” and often do not ever give it back. That occurs even if that person is still in danger and NEEDS something for self defense. Furthermore, any time a citizen uses something, like a metal flashlight, in self defense, they take that away, too.

ILLEGAL GUN KILLS CHILD: Anti-gun fools are making a big thing out of a fatal shooting of a child through the negligence of his mother's boyfriend in storing his gun, according to CBS News. Her boyfriend negligently allowed his gun to be picked up by the child, who subsequently fatally shot himself. They, as usual, whine about the gun not being properly stored, but that's not even the question. The boyfriend was ON PROBATION for a previous crime, and shouldn't have had a gun, in the first place! But he did, meaning he owned the gun illegally, and, since he could not buy a gun legally, BOUGHT the gun illegally. That's TWO CRIMES he committed, just in his ownership of that gun!

HE DOESN'T LIKE INFANTACIDE! Howard Dean former Dumocrat Party chairman, has threatened to cut off funding after committee chairman Rep. Ben Ray Luján, (D-NM) announced the organization's willingness to support those who believe killing babies is wrong.. Horrible! Turribl! He is in favor of supporting those who don't believe in killing BABIES still in the womb! That's jist orful! I never thought I'd see the day when refusing to go along with BABY MURDER was grounds for withholding funding by a political party! It's a strange twisting of values when a political party is okay with KILLING babies!

SPREADS LIKE A CANCER: The “Russian Connection” probe is “spreading like a cancer” on our government. It is the Dumocrats' attempt to reverse the 2016 election, which is one of the greatest losses the Dumocrats have ever suffered. They want to come up with something, ANYTHING, to support their contention that Trump is not a properly elected president, and should be impeached. But in the days since the election, they have not come up with a SINGLE bit of evidence that what they say is true, and they're digging like moles, looking.

CPS--THE FASCISTS OF AMERICA: They've got the deck stacked in their favor. If they want your child, they've got him/her. They make up the rules as they go along. In Oregon, they took two children from their parents “because they weren't smart enough” to raise him properly. Back in 2012, they took a child for much the same reasons. They lost, but it took 2 years of expensive wrangling for it to happen. Essentially, what these cases show, is that the state doesn't have to prove ANYTHING definite to take your child. Whenever they latch onto a child, they're able to make it all up because they aren't required to use real LAWS to decide.

REPORTER'S SUBLIME IGNORANCE: Jim Acosta, a reporter for CNN, got his lunch handed to him by Steven Miller, aide to President Trump the other day, when he (Acosta) asserted that a POEM inside the base of the Statue of Liberty was “official government policy” on immigration. Such ignorance is common among reporters for liberal media sources. But the fact is, a POEM is NOT government policy, whether Acosta knows it, or not. This is what those ignorant reporters tell the rest of us—which is why there are so many ignorant voters out there. Acosta still thinks he “bested” Miller. He apparently isn't smart enough to understand how he was shown to be the fool he is.

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