Friday, August 11, 2017

Jealousy and Greed

That is all it is. The new tax New York City Mayor DeBlasio proposed for “the rich” is just that. It's not a “static game,” mayor. The “rich” don't just TAKE money from the poor, as you liberal FOOLS seem to think. It's patently IL;LOGICAL to think “the rich” could take ANYTHING from people who have nothing, and thereby become rich. It's typical damnfoolishness to even THINK so. They're just JEALOUS of people who have EARNED more than they have, and GREED to take some of it away from them.

WHY DO THEY HATE TRUMP? It's understandable that Dumocrats would hate Trump. They underestimated him at every turn, and are still underestimating him. But even a significant part of the Republicans hate him, too. I was a bit surprised at the DEPTH of the animosity of the Dumocrats, but I probably shouldn't have been. Those who hate him have identified themselves as being part of “the swamp” he has promised to drain, and they're FRIGHTENED. He's busily engaged in DRAINING that swamp with some degree of success, and they know their time is coming. So they hope to get rid of him before that happens.

FOX JUMPS TOO QUICK: The liberals have stumbled on a way to get rid of some of their top critics, and it seems to work. All it takes is an UNATTRIBUTED accusation in a LIBERAL rag that one of Fox's top ratings-getters is guilty of sexual malpractice, and Fox takes him off the air and fires him. That such accusations are UNPROVEN goes without saying. It worked on Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly, so now they're doing it to Eric Bolling. And Fox predictably “suspended” Bolling “pending an investigation,” based on nothing but an anonymous report of an IMAGINARY indiscretion they can't prove. This can only hurt Fox News, and it HAS. Their ratings have dropped lately, and for the first time came in behind MSNBC and their THREE viewers.

MAXINE WATERS CRIES RACIST! Alert the media! The world's best-known racist accuses Allen Dershowitz of being a racist. Dershowitz replies, “Being black does not give you a license to call others a racist for whatever they say or do.” There are certain SPECIFIC things a person must say or do to BE a racist, and Waters does it, every day. In reality, SHE is the biggest racist in this scenario. She THINKS racism every waking moment. She SEARCHES for racism in everything people do or say (When she's not knocking Trump, that is), and she's quick to shout it out. She's a white against black racist, and ugly, to boot.

RUN, HIDE, DIE!” In some places, they recommend you “run, hide, tell” in case a mass killer comes and starts shooting up the place where you are. This usually doesn't work out very well for most people, since these things happen very quickly, usually before the cops (with their guns) can even get there. And if the shooter finds where you're hiding, he'll kill you. In other places they replace “hide” with “fight.” To what end, I don't know, because against a man with a gun, an unarmed person usually has no chance. Unless he can find something heavy enough and is a good aim—and he'd better be a good aim because if he misses, he's dead.

GUN RIGHTS CREATED AMERICA: What a lot of people don't know, because the anti-gun fools never talk about it, is the unalterable fact that what STARTED the Revolutionary War was the British attempt to take away the guns owned by the colonists. The “shot heard around the world” was fired by a colonist at a British soldier trying to take away his gun. So it was an attempt at “gun control” that CREATED the United States of America. Anti-gun fools deny this truth, but it is self-evident. And they've been trying to take away our guns, and with it, our right to self defense, ever since.

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