Monday, August 7, 2017

Kelly Fires Another Democrat

The liberal media is whining about the fact that, before he left his Homeland Security office, he fired yet another Obama appointee, George Selim. Isn't that what Trump PROMISED to do? “Drain the Swamp?” Draining the swamp means getting rid of Obama appointees wherever possible, and that';s what Kelly did. He's doing the job Trump set for him. And “The Swamp” is fighting back, HARD. That's why you hear so much, in the liberal media, about how the White House is “in turmoil.” It isn't. But that's what they want you to think.

IMBECILIC NEWSWEEK: They've come out with a cover painting Trump as a “Lazy Boy.” How imbecilic! Trump is the hardest working president we've ever had. He is a “workaholic.” He's supposed to be taking a 17-day vacation while they work on the white House, but I'd bet he accomplishes more in that 17 days than any other president does in six months! And Newsweek thinks he's “lazy? Gimme a BREAK!

A RACIST NATION?” The Dumocrats like to paint America as a “racist nation. How do they account for all the black politicians in the South, which is supposed to be a bastion of racism? What about Tim Scott (R-SC)? And there are many black mayors in both the South and the North. We recently elected a black PRESIDENT, even though it was a big mistake. Not because he was HALF black, but because he was a SOCIALIST, and thought America was the “problem” for all the world, and WORKED assiduously to prove it, making us the laughingstock of the world.

AN UNPOPULAR PRESIDENT? That's what the polls (commissioned by Trump's enemies) say. But when you look directly at the PEOPLE, not “filtered” by liberal polls, you see a wildly popular president who got honestly elected while all the schemes and scams by the Dumocrats couldn't get their lousy candidate elected. Now they just can't believe he was HONESTLY elected and all their cheating couldn't beat him, so they MAKE UP the “Russian Connection,” saying (with NO PROOF) that he “colluded with the Russians” to get elected. They just refuse to admit they were honestly beaten by a better man.

QUESTION NOT ANSWERED: I have one question to ask of pro-abortion people who say a woman should have the right to control what happens to her own body.” It is this: “Why then, do you not oppose the laws against prostitution?” Prohibiting prostitution is ALSO “denying women the control over her own body.” But nobody seems interested in demonstrating for the legalization of prostitution. What's the difference? It's frankly hypocritical to ignore one while protesting the other. But of course, these fools never think of that.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: I think this is a definitely unintended consequence of Obama's stance on guns. His presidency, and all its attempts at new and tighter gun laws has been very good for the gun industry and for gun owners—and would-be gun owners, period. The more he railed against gun ownership for law-abiding people, the more they bought guns. Why? Because they feared being HELPLESS against the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns, already out there in the hands of people who wish is ill. He, and the rest of the anti-gun fools discount that. They look upon suggestions that we arm the law-abiding with horror

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