Monday, May 27, 2013

Tired of the LIES!

Obama and the rest of his “gang of thieves” keep telling the LIE that “the rich do not pay their fair share” of taxes. That’s a BALD-FACED LIE! They pay 86% of ALL income taxes paid, along with all the other taxes they owe on all levels! Damn! What a FOOL we have in the White House! And in most of the other high government offices that are filled by liberals.

A “TISSUE OF LIES!” Today’s government is run by a veritable ARMY of liars. You can’t depend on what ANY of them say to be the truth. Obama first; he would rather lie when the truth would serve better. Lois Lerner lied before Congress, but because she didn’t go into specifics they can’t pin it on her. His press flack lies to reporters every day. Whenever a “government official” goes on the “weekend shows,” you can count on them to lie. It breaks my BS meter.

OBAMA STILL WANTS TO CLOSE GITMO: But there’s no other place to keep the murderers we capture on the field of battle. We can’t just let them go and close the doors, and we can’t bring them into the United States and give them the rights of Americans. We’ve already “lost” 2,000 of the ones who came in illegally. We’re playing right into the hands of Islamic terrorists. I know Obama doesn’t like me to use that term, but I don’t give a damn what Obama likes.

CHUTZPAH AWARD: Obama is unquestioningly entitled to the “chutzpah award” for NOT firing the woman in charge ot the IRS division that “targeted” conservative groups who applied for tax-free status by demanding the answers to a MULTITUDE of inane questions that could not even be answered, but PROMOTING her to head the new division he started to RUN his health care swindle law.

LERNER GETS PAID VACATION: Lois Lerner, the IRS (witch) who testified in her own defense before Congress, then cut off cross examination by citing the Fifth Amendment and refused to answer ANY questions, has had her entire summer vacation paid for by the government by being put on “paid administrative leave” (otherwise known as an extra long “paid vacation”). One can but entertain the forlorn hope that this just MIGHT lead to further disciplinary action.

OBAMA SURRENDERS TO ISLAM: In his latest speech (lasting well over an hour) he said we “need to reduce” our military presence in the Middle East. If that’s not a “surrender speech,” I don’t know what it is. He’s slowly letting the Muslim terrorists win while they murder more and more Americans. Wake UP, America!

MORE UNASKED CONCESSIONS: Unmanned drones, which are responsible for killing most of the (enemy) terrorist leadership, are being “cut back” by ‘presidential order'.” His lackeys are now saying the “terrorist war” is “winding down,” which it is NOT. With these developments, it will only increase.

CLOSING GITMO STUPID! Obama has once again raised the possibility of closing the terrorist prison at Guantanamo, Cuba. What he figures to replace it with, I don’t know. He has already sent many of its denizens back home to swell the ranks of terrorists on the ground, big time, on a “case-by-case” basis. He has allowed 2,000 illegally-entered terrorists to escape by giving them new names not on any “no-fly” or any other kind of list and has no idea where they went. What ELSE is he going to do to make the terrorists’ job easier?

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