Friday, May 24, 2013

The Lies Keep Coming

Obama’s press flack has been caught in so many lies lately that even his “mostly compliant” press now refuses to believe ANYTHING her says. He tells a different version of Obama’s actions on Benghazi and other scandals every day. So the media waits to see what “version” of the “facts” he is going to tell today. I feel sorry for the guy, being responsible for the chief LYING job in Washington. Nobody will ever believe him about ANYTHING again.

DO AS WE SAY, NOT AS WE DO: Congress gave the IRS a deadline to produce all the paperwork regarding its “crackdown on” (the targeting of) right-wing groups and they missed it. In fact, they didn’t do it, at all. If I missed a filing deadline they demanded, what would happen to me? IRS people think they're above the law, and mostly they ARE. But not this time.

JAMES ROSEN CASE IS A FARCE: Going after the e-mail and phone records of a top-rated and well-known Fox News reporter is not only STUPID, it’s a farce. They even said in their affidavit that for him to know he was “under investigation” might make him  “flight risk.” Flight from WHAT? It’s not illegal to ask questions of “government officials.” It’s his JOB. What kind of ignorant bureaucrat had the idea to do this to “chill out” reporters?

STEPS TO A DICTATORSHIP: “Cracking down” on the press is one step toward a dictatorship, and Obama is taking it. In preparation for changing this country from a free country into a dictatorship, he is now “cracking down” on the ONE main cable news source that refuses to cover up his lies and scams. Before that he did a planned foray into AP’s e-mails and phone records (which he doesn’t need) so he could SAY he’s doing it to both sides. I’m sure he told AP what he was doing and why so they wouldn’t REALLY get upset while “crying crocodile tears” over his “attack” on THEM.

RETALIATORY IRS AUDITS: They’re not only TARGETING “right-wing groups” for special scrutiny when they apply for tax exempt status, they’re making special RETALIATORY AUDITS of groups with “right-wing” indicators in their names that don’t even ASK for tax exempt status. They’re also doing it to people who donate large amounts to Republicans, hoping to “dry up” donations to Republicans in the future. It ain’t agonna work. That’ll only make Republicans mad and they’ll even donate more. I know I would.

ARMED FEDS "GUARD" TEA PARTY RALLY: The “Tea Party” must be such a violent organization that Obama needs to send armed thugs (DHS Agents) out to make sure they stay peaceful, which he does. The only problem is, they have NEVER demonstrated ANY violent tendencies, as the “Occupy” crowd HAVE. Where are the “armed thugs” at THEIR gatherings (Is it like AG Holder refusing to prosecute “his friends” when black thugs showed up at a polling place during an election?)? Their racism is so obvious only STUPID PEOPLE deny it.

IMPLAUSIBLE ANSWERS: The press asks all kinds of damning questions and the answers they get are as IMPLAUSIBLE as they could be; but they accept them without comment and go on. He gives answers like “It’s Rush Limbaugh’s fault” or “It’s George Bush’s fault, or “it’s the Republicans’ fault. They make no comment and go on to the next question. It SOUNDS like they’re doing a proper investigation, but they’re not. They’re just “going through the motions.”

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