Wednesday, May 15, 2013

IRS Boss Is A Liar!

I know saying this will probably get me an audit, but I’m going to say it, anyway. He sat there, in a hearing before Congress, and told a BIG lie (under oath, but that’s nothing new) when he said he could assure them he didn’t know what was happening when his “underlings” (probably under his orders) singled out organizations with words in their names that indicated they were “right wing.” Three years later (while many left-leaning organizations have had their applications approved within four months) they’re still waiting. “Underlings” don’t do such blatantly political things without orders from “on high.” Like most of Obama’s “gang of thieves,” he’s looking them right in the eye and lying.

IT’S A “LOW-LEVEL EMPLOYEE”: It’s always a “low-level employee” whom they then fire (throw under the bus), thinking that solves their problem. That’s what the IRS said when asked who, in the IRS singled out “right-wing” organizations for  intimidation and delaying tactics, while asking them questions they should NEVER ask, such as, “Is anybody in your organization or in their families planning to run for office soon?” That’s NOT their business and they have no business asking such questions, EVER; from ANYBODY.

BOHNER: “WHO’S GOING TO JAIL?” The question is about those responsible for the IRS scandal. The answer is, “Nobody of importance.” One or two low-level employees” they call “rogue employees” will be thrown under the bus and they’ll go on, as if nothing happened, even though this has been going on for YEARS.

WE LEARN MORE AND MORE EACH DAY: The “IRS scandal is NOT just giving “right-wingers” a hard time. They asked probing questions and sent the information they got to a KNOWN left-wing organization, who used it to attack those right-wing organizations in the last (Obama’s) election. Who do you think gave them the idea?

PRETTY SOON THE SCANDALS WILL BE “TOO MUCH”: Obama’s thugs are going “hog-wild” and breaking the law right and left (so to speak), figuring Obama will protect them. And they’re wrong; if Obama sees himself in danger, he’ll “throw them under the bus” in a minute, without compunction.

THEY’RE ALL RACISTS: The people giving Obama a hard time over the multiple scandals he’s having to deal with right now are just racists who want to get rid of that “black man” we “mistakenly” elected president. He doesn’t answer the questions raised; he just calls the raisers racist. His system is so transparent it isn’t even working any more. But he and his accomplices are too stupid to realize that.

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