Saturday, April 28, 2012

They're ILLEGAL!

But cops can’t even ASK them for identification in Arizona because the feds won’t let them. As Justice Scalia asked, what does “sovereignty” mean if you can’t even secure your own borders and the feds refuse to do it? People who cross our borders illegally are ILLEGAL! And the cops should be able to enforce the law without a SECOND LAW having to be made to ALLOW the cops (or FORCE the Feds) to enforce the law. But Obama doesn’t agree, and there’s no punishment for HIM disobeying the law and refusing to enforce the law.

EXPENSIVE FOOTBALL JERSEYS: I just don’t understand it. Denver Broncos sign Peyton Manning and start selling jerseys with his name and number on it for $110.00; and people FLOCK to buy them. And they’re not even authentic jerseys! Those don’t come out until later in the year. Are people STUPID? Or what? Personally, I’ll never pay big money to advertise for someone else. I figure if they want me to advertise for them, they need to pay ME.

“SLAPPING THE TIGER”: N. Korea is “slapping the tiger,” hoping he will just “go away” by “rattling their missiles” in his face. But they forget what happened to Saddam Hussein when he convinced people HE had nukes. He’s dead, now, and his country is run by others. N. Korea’s new rulers should “take a lesson” from that. The only reason we didn’t “take them down” before is because we weren’t interested in doing so. Of course, with that wimp now in the White House, it might just work.

ARE YOU BETTER OFF? After 4 years of Obama, one in two college grads without jobs or underemployed; 80% are moving back in with their parents because they can’t afford to live on their own; student loan debts exceed a trillion dollars; We’re BROKE, yet printing more “funny money” every day; there are so many negatives I can’t even remember them all. Are you any better off than four years ago?

A DEFINITE DILDON’T: A woman in New York was charged with hitting a cop in the forehead with a 12 inch dildo. I guess that would qualify as a definite “dildon’t.” Nobody said anything about why she dildit. Maybe she didn’t have a reason. Today, that’s common for someone to do something stupid without a reason.

RIDICULE AS A DEFLECTOR: Obama’s thugs routinely ridicule people who insist that the “birth certificate” he released was a patent forgery by calling them “birthers.” (it was) For me, that’s a compliment. They make no attempt to answer the logical points made by those who examined it, but simply call them “birthers,” as if that makes them simple-minded. I won’t believe Obama is anything but a false president until he ANSWERS those critics. But who cares about what I think?

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