Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another Reason NOT to Vote for Obama

Mikhael Gorbachev, former communist dictator, has ENDORSED Obama. Couple that with the endorsement of the communist party and the Socialist Party of America and you have yet another reason NOT to vote for Marxist/socialist Obama. Even the Islamic TERRORISTS want him to remain president. I wonder why?

WHY DOES IT REQUIRE A SECOND LAW? There is already a law on the books against entering this country illegally. Arizona passed a law DEMANDING the feds enforce their own immigration laws or they would do it FOR them. Obama is SUING Arizona to reverse this legally passed law. The case is even now in the Supreme Court, and I think Arizona is going to win. Obama says ONLY the feds can enforce federal laws. Why then, won’t they?

OBAMA SAYS THE WAR ON TERROR IS OVER: He’s even letting the Muslim Brotherhood do things only the federal government should be able to do. What is WRONG with this jerk? He thinks the war against Islamic terrorism is OVER while Islamic terrorists kill Americans every day. Stupid, STUPID!

LIBERALS HATE COMPETITION: They think just “showing up” should earn you a trophy. WRONG! To give a trophy to everybody who participates makes the trophy WORTHLESS. In a sports event, the participants know who scores the most goals, baskets, etc. They KNOW who won and discount those ubiquitous trophies liberals give to everybody who “showed up.”

OBAMA TO “PAY OFF YOUR STUDENT LOAN”: This is what he told an audience of college students the other day. What he is ignoring is the fact there are NO JOBS for college graduates, or anybody else. Maybe if there were jobs, some of them COULD pay off their student loans. Until then, we’re going to hear the usual OWS whines about “getting a free ride.” He told them if congress doesn’t act, their rates will DOUBLE. Talk about creating pressure on their parents!

UNFORESEEN RESULTS: . . . Or not. The Denver Water Company, and I’m sure utilities across the nation have a regular campaign to reduce water use. When we respond and use less water, they panic and raise our rates because of reduced water use. Is this unplanned, or is it a scam to get us to pay more for less water? They do it every year, and Denverites fall for it every time.

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