Thursday, April 19, 2012

Never Waste an Opportunity

The liberal media never waste an opportunity to show Muslims crying over their “innocent” victims of rare “American atrocities (most of which are probably Islamic terrorists themselves).” But they NEVER show AMERICANS crying over THEIR victims of Islamic terrorism’s DAILY atrocities. I’ve always wondered why they are so “pro-Muslim,” but I understand it now; Obama has TOLD them to do so.

“INSIDIOUS THREAT”: Islam extremists pose the most insidious threat we’ve ever faced, and we have faced that threat since the “Barbary Pirates” ravaged our shipping. The only reason they were “quiet” for many years is they didn’t have any money. Now they have all that oil money, they have “come to life” and are ravaging” us again. Not only that, the “Barbary Pirates” are still in business.

They now want the government to buy their contraceptives. But why? Isn’t that the responsibility of the MEN who want to have sex with them? They talk about wanting “equality,” but still give men grief if they don’t leave the pot lid up so they don’t have to do any work to go pee. That sounds like “special treatment” to me.

POLLS ARE PHONY: There’s an ABS/Washington Post poll out the day Santorum pulled out that says Obama is “way ahead” of Romney. I don’t believe it. I think it’s put out purely to make gullible Americans THINK Obama is in “good shape.” Polls are so easy to “fix,” it’s funny to think ANYBODY believes them.

GOVERNMENT KNOWS NOT WHAT IT’S DOING: The Post Office is in BIG trouble. It’s BILLIONS of dollars in the hole and in danger of going bankrupt. So what does Obama do? Removes one of their biggest moneymakers, the sending of government mail, including Social Security and other government checks—a market that only grows bigger each day. Does he think this will help the Post Office?

BLAMING IT ON THE GOP: Obama is blaming the failure of his health care swindle law on “four Republicans on the Supreme Court.” It doesn’t matter that his law IS unconstitutional and the Court is merely affirming that. It’s the Republicans on the Court that are responsible. And he thinks we will BELIEVE that. Boy, is he STUPID!

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