Tuesday, April 24, 2012

EVERYTHING Is An Emergency!

Every time Obama comes up with one of his idiot ideas he says it’s an EMERGENCY and we need to “vote it in,” right now! Forget reading it. According to Nancy Peelosi’s abysmally stupid comment about his health care swindle law, “We need to pass it to find out what’s IN it.” NEVER! We should NEVER pass a bill into law without KNOWING what’s in it. To even SAY something like that reveals an amazing amount of IGNORANCE.

FOOLS IN WASHINGTON: House speaker Bohner thinks Obama is going to be hard to unseat. I don’t think so. He is UNarguably the WORST president we’ve had in memory. Much worse than Jimmy Carter, which says a lot. He goes by Obama’s “numbers,” which even I can tell are patently phony, and even if true only show his numbers WITHOUT competition. Give him some REAL competition who call attention to his blatant LIES, and he’ll “fold like a house of cards.” He has so many NEGATIVES, it’s hard to remember them all.

NO BUDGET: Obama’s administration has done nothing about the budget but “kick the can down the road.” We have not had a budget since he was elected. The reason for that is Obama doesn’t want to be “held to” a budget. He thinks answering for NO budget is easier than DEFENDING a bad one. It’s against the law to be without a budget, but there is NO PENALTY for violating it. So Obama and his fools gaily violate it.

MORE DIVERSION: They’re making a “big thing” out of Malaria to divert our attention from Obama’s problems in getting re-elected. Malaria should NOT even BE a problem. Use of DDT had it almost eliminated from the Earth when ignorant politicians “bought” environmentalist radicals’ claims about it and BANNED it. Almost immediately Malaria numbers increased, and they were ignored. We KNOW how to eliminate Malaria, but environmental fools will not allow us to use it; and politicians apparently agree.

“IT’S POLITICALLY MOTIVATED!” Yet another phrase that no one pays attention to because of overuse. Like calling your opponent “racist,” as Obama and his fools always do. Both are so overused that nobody takes them seriously any more, even though the “politically motivated” label IS sometimes true. But it’s hard to tell and now requires some sort of PROOF to take it out of the realm if the speaker’s imagination.

ZIMMERMAN WILL BE LYNCHED: Whether or not he MURDERED Trayvon Martin, he’s going to be (and is being) LYNCHED by the liberal media, who view this case as proof that Florida’s looser gun laws are bad, even though violent crime has gone DOWN more than 20% since they were passed.

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