Sunday, April 22, 2012

Secret Service Goes After Nugent

Ignores Farrakhan’s threats. I wonder why? Is it because Nugent is white and Farrakhan is not only black but Muslim as well? Nugent talked about us “cutting off their heads in November” while Farrakhan talked about “rivers of blood.” They want to talk to Nugent, but have made no mention of Farrakhan. Of course, they will call me racist for pointing out this truth, but I’m used to that because I’m not afraid of criticizing blacks as well as whites when they screw up. That’s their “modus operandi.”

Rush Limbaugh tells his listeners their job is “to educate liberals” whenever they get a chance. But that’s impossible. It’s like “educating” a brick wall. They’re not listening. They just DON’T HEAR anything that goes against their conditioning. They just start “calling you names” and ignore the truth you’re telling them. They can’t HANDLE the truth as told by you.

MAKING SURE: The education business has worked hard to make sure NOBODY under the age of 60 knows anything about our history. They have rewritten the history books and made sure they CONTROLLED what books were allowed to be used in our schools by making sure the Department of Education (an unnecessary office) controlled them. Unlike in George Orwell’s prophetic book, “1984,” they don’t need to SILENCE any opposition to this. Just teach the children what you want them  to think over and over, and soon they’re conditioned and won’t listen to anything else. Any opposition to their views, they just ridicule. If there is any ORGANIZED opposition, they try their hardest to SILENCE it, as they are trying now to shut up the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and others. If they can’t shut them up, they just paint them as idiots, and many of the kids they have conditioned believe it. (Ann Coulter/Human Events)

AXELROD TELLS TRUTH: He actually said Obama wants to impose SOCIALISM on this country. That was a mistake on his part. The only time liberals tell the truth is by MISTAKE. They don’t DARE tell the truth on purpose. Then we’d know what they were planning and could put a stop to it.

BLACKMAIL DANGER? The Obama administration talks about the current Secret Service scandal about prostitution in Cartagena as a “blackmail danger” and are firing people in wholesale fashion. But when Clinton was screwing everything that would stand still it was “just sex,” and “nothing to worry about. What JERKS these people be to think we BUY this crap!

Being elected president (and sometimes other offices) seems to give the electee a “license to steal” from taxpayers; as witness Obama’s “investing” (giving) millions, even BILLIONS of  (stolen) dollars to those ubiquitous “green energy” companies that predictably “go bankrupt” after the principals (usually Obama’s friends and donors) “take the money and run.” Where does the money go? And who is responsible for it? Does anybody go to prison? No. It’s not stealing (it IS) because the president authorized it. That’s an ingenious swindle.

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