Thursday, April 12, 2012

Obama "Recycles" Speeches

If you missed a speech given by Obama a year ago—or two years ago-or even THREE years ago, don’t despair. You haven’t missed anything. Go to his next speech and you’ll hear it again. He’s been giving the SAME SPEECH for the last three years. Almost word-for-word. And it’s still a lie. Obama doesn’t know HOW to tell the truth. He’d rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better.

“RACE STILL A FACTOR”: They’re still maintaining that “race is still a factor” in the killing of Trayvon Martin, even though there is NO PROOF whatever that this is true and more that it is NOT true. The liberal media couldn’t find any evidence, so they MANUFACTURED it by leaving out important words in that famous 9/1 call to make it SOUND like racism was a factor. If they ever DID come up with some proof, I might be convinced. But the only “proof” that has been found shows Zimmerman was NOT a racist but, in fact, HELPED blacks on a regular basis.

WASTING GOVERNMENT MONEY: The GSA, who is SUPPOSED to be SAVING us money, recently spent $800,000.00 for a “retreat” in Las Vegas, of all places (since Obama told people not to go there). They even gave participants “bonuses” for their work in putting together skits for presentation there. Do you think anybody will be punished? Maybe. But only on the lowest level.

ACTUALLY, THAT APPLIES TO OBAMA: “The more the American people see of Mitt Romney, the less they like him and the less they trust him," Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said that in a statement issued shortly after Santorum suspended his campaign. But that really applies only to Obama. The more I see of Obama the less I like him or believe his lies.

“TAX THE RICH”: Obama says that’s the way to a better economy. Only problem is, he’s wrong; and he KNOWS he’s wrong, but that’s his “mantra” and he will keep repeating it until the end, wrong or not, hoping SOMEBODY will believe it. Truth is, if they taxed the rich 100% they could use the money to run this government for about a year and that would be the ONLY year because the rich wouldn’t earn any money the next year for them to steal.

OBAMA: “I’M NOT TRYING TO REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH”: He says that right after delivering a speech in which he pushed “redistributing wealth.” Does he believe we only listen to and believe the LAST thing he says? That’s all he has been preaching ever since BEFORE he was elected. It’s a basic part of his “modus operandi.” But then he tells us he’s not doing it. What a FOOL this guy is! What fools he thinks WE are!

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