Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Borrowing From China Is Stupid

But Obama has PROVEN his stupidity on many occasions and this is just ONE of them. Allowing ourselves to be INDEBTED to a COMMUNIST country says a lot of things in THEIR minds. Chief of which is, to them, CONFIRMATION that theirs is the better system. But with Obama making socialist decisions that are BANKRUPTING us, THAT is the ONLY reason they’re still doing better using a CAPITALIST model. But they don’t recognize that.

WE NEED A PRESIDENT: But what we have now is a CON MAN who has ripped us off for $TRILLIONS or taxpayer dollars. If we keep this man in the White House, we’re in for BIG trouble, especially if we continue to DEPEND on communist China to supplement the taxpayer money he has already spent.

AG AND AL SHARPIE (SHARPTON): The Attorney General associating with the likes of “race-baiter” and extortionist Al Sharpton and actually PRAISING him says many things about Holder: either he’s STUPID, he’s a con man, too, and/or he just doesn’t give a damn that we know he associates with the “enemy.” Remember, this is the man who would not prosecute New Black Panthers for election intimidation because “they’re my people.” If that isn’t a racist comment and action, I don’t know what is.

HE SHOULD BE PROSECUTED: It’s against the law for a president to REFUSE to enforce a federal law. Unfortunately, they didn’t bother to specify PUNISHMENT for violating these laws (immigration laws), so Obama gaily violates it, as he does many other punishmentless laws. Obama is one of our biggest lawbreakers. He just IGNORES laws he doesn’t like while punishing people who do the same.

SOCIALISM IS BAD! Too many people just don’t understand this. Even my own SISTER didn’t even know the meaning of the word until I filled her in. Socialism is simply allowing the GOVERNMENT to make your decisions for you by promising you part of what they’ve STOLEN from the rest of us. It is simply STEALING from those capable of earning and GIVING that stolen to those who won’t. If you’re one who can and will EARN, you’re the target. They use many names to fool us. Get educated, and find out what it is.

CONGRESSMAN ALLEN WEST BOOTED FROM NAACP: Why? Because they are proponents of SOCIALISM and he isn’t. This organization that SAYS they are for “freedom of speech” aren’t really. No doubt they’re got a “good excuse” for booting him out, but you can bet it’s a LIE. They don’t like ANYBODY who loudly disagrees with them. I guess that’s why rush Limbaugh called them the “National Association for the Advancement of SOCIALIST Colored People.”

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