Thursday, April 25, 2013

The New World Order is COMMUNISM

 It is COMMUNISM; something most youngsters now becoming adults know nothing about except that their parents don’t like it. They know not why, so they vote for communistic principles presented under different names like “Progressivism” and “fair treatment,” and other names designed to fool them. And they “lap it up” like a dog eating ice cream. They need to RESEARCH it and find out what it REALLY is. Obama and Hitler (somebody else they know nothing about) used the same process to gain power. Obama is not yet done. Hitler is.

Somebody wanted to “shut up” the only surviving Boston Bomber before he told too much. So he (she) sent in a federal judge to read him his rights, and he promptly shut up. Whoever sent that judge should be arrested and tried for obstruction of justice. If it is Obama, so be it. Before that he was blabbing (as best he could) wildly and even told them their next target: New York City.

OBAMA LYING AGAIN: By omission. They SAY they were only contacted by the Russians about the older Boston bomber brother ONCE, while Russia says they notified us about him REPEATEDLY. Now the FBI says OTHER OFFICES might have been notified several time, but not them. They CLAIM they “keep track” of such people after the initial “investigation,” but apparently, they DON’T. This time it cost four people (including two CHILDREN and one cop) their lives and injured hundreds because they did NOT “keep track” of him.

IT MUST BE NICE: To be able to do your own definition of other people. Harry Reid, Senate majority leader says The Tea Party are non-violent anarchists who don’t believe in any form of government.” That’s interesting; where did he get that? Oh, from his crystal ball? I’ve never seen ANY evidence the Tea Parties are for anarchism—and I keep my eyes open. When is Ried going to get smart and realize nobody takes him seriously any more because of his many blatant lies? He lies as much as Obama does, but Obama is better at it.

YOU CAN’T ARGUE WITH A MUSLIM TERRORIST: They can sit right bedside you while other Muslim terrorists throw bombs into a crowd of innocent people and when you say what you have seen, accuse you of “making it up to make Muslims look bad.” They’re FOOLS, but they’re fools who believe devoutly they’re right, even if the evidence before their eyes proves otherwise.

RELIGIOUS TERRORISM: Obama wants to separate Muslim terrorism from “religious” terrorism so he can intimate “religious” terrorism is CHRISTIAN terrorism, which is unprovable. On the other side, MUSLIM terrorism is HIGHLY provable, but he will not admit it even exists. How STUPID does this INCOMPETENT president think we are?

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