Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Imams Everywhere Radicalizing Muslims

 There are Muslim Mosques all over this country where Muslims go to “worship” in what is CALLED a religion, but which is not. It is a political system MASQUERADING as a religion so they can kill people and hide behind a pseudo-religion, claiming “religious rights” while they kill us. The government has no problem spying on US, but they “shy away” from spying on Muslims, many of whom are being radicalized in these Mosques. Meanwhile the Imams in those Mosques are not only radicalizing them, but setting them up and helping them to DO things like bomb the Boston Marathon or go into an Army base and shoot a bunch of people while shouting “Allahu Akbar!” And still Obama still refuses to call the Ft. Hood murders terrorism.

 WHY DID NOBODY SAY SOMETHING? The brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon gave enough signals on their Facebook pages and in their Twitter accounts, and nobody told anybody anything.. Why?  Are they stupid? Or do they not care? Or are they sympathetic? Are they sitting around twittering, wishing they could do the same?

EXPECT MORE: With Obama talking about “diversity” and the Attorney General talking about, “It’s a long process to decide on the death penalty for the Boston bombers, this WEAK, and WISHY-WASHY response guarantees it.

WHY DO THESE FOOLS WANT TO BE TERRORISTS? Just a few days after the Boston bombings, the FBI caught yet ANOTHER young fool attempting to travel to a place where he can join the Islamic terrorists and be trained in how to kill people who do not believe the same way they do. What is WRONG with these fools?

DIANNE FEINSTEIN IS A FOOL: She said that for federal authorities to refuse to give the surviving Boston bomber “his rights” is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, which was soundly beaten back in previous cases of foreign combatant cases. Leave it ti the likes of Dianne to take the side of the enemy in ALL cases.

IS OBAMA A TRAITOR? Everything he does hurts us and moves us closer to collectivism (socialism). He REFUSES to admit we are “at war” with Islamic extremists (terrorists), and does all he can to DISARM Americans every chance he gets. His former chief of staff (now mayor of his home town) once let slip one of his basic schemes when he said, “Never let a good panic go to waste.” When a question about Islamic extremists comes up he can be depended upon to “rule” in FAVOR of the Islamic extremist position.

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