Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do Your Kids Belong to the Government?

That’s what one liberal (I won’t even say her name) thinks, and has the temerity and stupidity to SAY, out loud, even! Liberals do tend to announce their stupidity to the world with such crap. That’s one thing that helps us identify them. Ever since Hillary’s book famously revealed her stupidity by saying, ”It Takes a Village to Raise A Child,” liberals have thought that way, which announces their stupidity to the world. Let ‘em come and try to TAKE my children! If they want to DIE.

MORE THAN WE “NEED”: I’m really getting tired of incompetent liberals telling us what we “need.” Obama says we don’t “need” more than $3 million in our retirement fund. Anti-gun politicians say we don’t “need” gun magazines bigger than ten bullets, nor guns that fire bullets so fast that we can “hose” an entire bunch of school children. What STUPIDITY to even SUGGEST the average American wants to “hose” anybody with bullets, much less children. That’s what CRAZY PEOPLE think about doing, not responsible Americans. Only an ignorant liberal would even SUGGEST it.

MARGARET THATCHER DEAD: And that’s a GOOD thing, according to some liberals. Who the hell do they think they are? Thatcher did nothing but GOOD for England. She SAVED them economically and was a BIG “player” (along with Ronald Reagan and pope John Paul II) in the “death” of communism as a major power in the world . She saved more lives that anybody else I can think of EXCEPT maybe Reagan himself. But liberals hate her for it and are CELEBRATING her death. How STUPID can they be? But then, I EXPECT stupidity from liberals, the world over).

KIM JUNG UN’S STUPIDITY: It threatens the entire world. His threats might even CAUSE a nuclear war, which he, and his country would not survive. If he fires ONE nuclear missile, ANYWHERE in the world, he and his entire country (at least the city wherein he is) would become a bunch of smoking radioactive rubble within HOURS (unless Obana is more STUPID than I think he is). Is his “looking good” worth that? We lost to N. Korea before because our politicians would not LET us win, not because of anything N. Korea did.

DICTATORS THINK THEY’RE INDESTRUCTIBLE: People like Kim Jong Un and Iran’s Ahmadinijerk think they’re indestructible. They think they can threaten nuclear war on the United States with impunity. Even Hugo Chavez (who has no nukes) before he mercifully died. threatened us. Until now, they’ve been right because he United States is (in spite of Obama’s incompetence) a RESPONSIBLE government. It will not use its THOUSANDS of nuclear devices on such upstarts unless those upstarts actually DO foolishly attack us with their tiny arsenala of outdated nuclear devices.

“DON’T BLOCK GUN CONTROL”: That’s what Obama is saying to his opponents in the “gun control” fight. My question is, “Or what?” His entire program on gun control is WRONG, and WON’T WORK. But that is no problem to a liberal. MOST of their programs don’t work. But they blame the Republicans for that, not the stupidity and silliness of their “programs. If they’d ever come up with something that really WOULD work, we might even SUPPORT them. But there’s no danger of that ever happening. They’re too stupid.

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