Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mickey Mouse President

Obama is going to go to Disneyland, and they’re shutting down most of their park the day of his visit. This is the president, remember, who pledged to be “close to the people,” and they close down almost all the park because he will be in it. Does this tell you anything about him?

ABC RUNS CRITICAL INTERVIEW RIGHT BEFORE PRIMARY: ABC hates Newt; that is proven by their decision to run a controversial interview with his ex-wife just BEFORE the S. Carolina primary: a time when it could have the most detrimental effect on his campaign. I don’t think it will, because Americans are smarter than the average liberal. But they think so.

“HE’S A RACIST!” When you hear liberals say that about a conservative, you know that’s all they’ve got. That’s the “reset option” whenever they want to criticize someone for having the temerity to actually CRITICIZE their pet president, Obama. I guess they’ll call me a racist if they notice this item.

WHAT ROMNEY SHOULD HAVE SAID: “I’ll release my tax records when Obama releases his school records.” (Rush Limbaugh) That would make this a “teachable moment,” rather than Republicans using Democrat tactics, joining the “war against the rich.” Damn, I hate it when I hear Democrats doing it! I hate it even more when Republicans do it!

APPLE NOT FAR FROM TREE: Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s parents go to prison for corruption and not a peep in the “enemedia” about it (Atlas shrugs). Many people are surprised. I’m not. That would cast aspersions on one of the most blatant liars in the Democrat Party, so they stay away from it. Is she the same as her parents? I don’t know. Even if she was, we’d never know about it if the “enemedia” had their way.

STEALING FROM PENSION FUNDS: Obama “dips into” (steals from) federal pension funds (Reuters) to pay for his “flights of fancy” in Washington. He has lost so much money to his Solyndra-type “investments” of our money that he needs to find more. So now he’s stealing money from federal pension funds so he can “invest” even more into losing propositions.

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