Monday, January 14, 2013

Breathtaking Stupidity!

Several things that have amazed me of late is the abysmal stupidity of a National Father’s Organization naming Bill Clinton as “father of the year!” What’s more, they earlier named former vice-president candidate John Edwards, who cheated on his DYING wife the same. How STUPID are these people?

SCHOOL SHOOTING IN CALIFORNIA: In a state that has some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation, there has been yet another mass school shooting in the San Joaquin Valley in Kern County. If that doesn’t prove conclusively that anti-gun laws do NOTHING to stop such things, I don’t know what it’s going to take. Of course, anti-gun freaks will ignore it.

CLUELESS NEWSPEOPLE: One clueless newsbabe flat said, “Nobody is talking about eliminating the Second Amendment.” Which is either a LIE or the product of the mind of a woman who is totally CLUELESS. Liberals have been trying to do that for many years and have been talking about it for just as long. If she isn’t more aware of reality than that, she shouldn’t even BE a news anchor. How can people BE so stupid and still hold onto such jobs? Probably because their bosses are just as stupid, I guess.

ONE BULLET IS ENOUGH: So why are the anti-gun fools concentrating on multi-round magazines? Because it gives them something to shout at non gun haters. As New York Governor Andrew (the Pious) Cuomo shouted in his “State of the State” rant. He screamed that “hunters” don’t NEED ten rounds to kill a deer. But the Second Amendment isn’t ABOUT hunters. It’s about self-defense, even against GOVERNMENT, if necessary.

THAT WAS HIS STATEMENT: Quentin Tarantino “blew up” at a reporter who asked him to comment on the criticism of the violence in his movies, saying, “I’m not going to answer your question! I don’t have to! I’m not your slave! So apparently THAT was his answer. He was saying, “I don’t giver a sh-t about what people think, as long as they keep buying tickets to my movies. That reporter should have responded, “I guess you’re the stupidest person I’ve ever interviewed.

MORE STUPIDITY: Obama (and Kharzai) announced after their visit together at the WH, that Kharzai is “offering the Taliban a seat at the table.” What that means is the Taliban will have a say in governing Afghanistan. How stupid IS that? To reward them for killing people indiscriminately by giving them a “say’ in what happens in the country? That’s like America giving the NAZIS a “seat at the table” in congress after they “went to war” against us. Not to mention their record in past “negotiations.” They’ll USE that “seat” for only their OWN benefit, then tell them to go to hell.

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