Thursday, January 17, 2013

An "Even Playing Field"

Lance Armstrong could be excused for using steroids when he won his many titles because with EVERYBODY using steroids, he HAD TO use them himself to make the “playing field” even. Which is an argument that might work with steroid users in other sports. If ALL participants are using, you MUST use, too, to have a chance at all. We need to have a better system in place to STOP such practices, or make it legal for everybody.

“LOW BLOW”: When conservatives “spilled the beans” about the fact Obama has ARMED GUARDS “protecting” his kids at school, he called it a “low blow.” I guess, to him, telling the truth IS a “low blow.” I guess that’s one way to discredit his critics. He has many ways to discredit those who tell the truth about him. Calling them names and ridiculing them without answering their criticism is part of his standard operating procedure.

CONGRESS NOT COMPROMISING? What a FOOL thing to say! It’s not a problem about the CONGRESS “compromising,” It’s a problem with OBAMA compromising with CONGRESS. So far, he has REFUSED to even READ most of the compromise proposals Republicans have offered, mostly saying, “Ah wun. It’s mah way or the hahway.”

IS IT “REPREHENSIBLE?” Many (non-liberal) pundits have pointed out the fact that conservative pundits have taken Obama to task for protecting his own children with armed guards when he won’t allow US to do so with our own guns to be “reprehensible. But IS it? Is it “reprehensible” to point out the truth? We can’t afford to take taxpayer money to hire our own armed guards, as he can, using OUR money. That’s a hypocritical act. We love out children, too.

This is Obama’s “press flack” referring to the NRA ad that calls Obama an “elitist hypocrite” for spending taxpayer money to hire armed security for his daughters while working HARD to deny us the same right. Since when is it “repugnant and cowardly” to tell the truth about a hypocritical politician? This is yet more evidence that Jay Carney is a FOOL. But he only repeats what his fool boss tells him to say. I’d say he needs to be fired, but they’d probably replace him with somebody as bad, or worse.

OBAMA IS EVERYWHERE! Everywhere I look I see the ugly mug or that FOOL in the White House, Barack Obama. On television, on the Internet, in newspapers, on the covers of magazines everywhere. I can’t go ANYWHERE, LOOK anywhere, without seeing a picture of “Big Brother” Obama. When I drive down Broadway in Denver, at one point there is a BIG picture of Obama on the wall of an empty building, and even the “taggers” haven’t defaced it. I guess that’s because he’s “their people.”

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