Thursday, November 8, 2018

What "Career?"

Teenage anti-gun fool David Hogg (well named, he) says, “People getting shot helps my career.” WHAT “career?” Going around spouting damned fool notions, and pushing the passage of even more USELESS laws that don’t get CLOSE to doing what they’re supposed to do? And taking on many other issues, of which you know nothing? This brat has conned liberals into financing him to travel around the country spouting their nonsense, thinking that he “makes a difference” in their efforts to deny us our constitutional right to be armed for self defense, Make no mistake: this child could not travel all over the country spouting inanities without serious financing by liberals.

WE’RE SCREWING OURSELVES: The gullible American people elected many Dumocrats on November 6. But the biggest mistake (that we know of) was giving socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a seat in the House. We will suffer from that later on, as she introduces socialist measures and other socialist-leaning Dumocrats vote with her. Most notably Bernie Sanders, who was re-elected, along with her. Frankly, I can’t see why anybody with any degree of intelligence at all, would ever vote for a Dumocrat. They’ve told us, loud and clear, that they want to reverse all the good things Trump has given us, and get rid of Trump, too.

FREE STUFF FOR ALL!” That’s the message that comes from an outfit calling itself “Democratic Socialists of America.” They’re now calling for free college tuition for everybody who is too lazy to pay for it themselves. They didn’t put it that way, but that’s the way it is. It amazes me that they think “Democratic” and “socialism” actually go together. They do NOT. Socialism cannot exist in a democratic society. Socialism REQUIRES a “top-down” government, where unnamed, faceless bureaucrats make all the decisions, and run the lives of everybody. The very system is based on the THEFT of the fruits of production from those capable and willing to produce new wealth, for the benefit of those who just want to “Ride the wagon” with others doing all the work of making it move.

INVESTIGATING” TRUMP AND KAVANAUGH: As predicted, House Dumocrats, flush in their new acquisition of power (by the skin of their teeth), are getting ready to start a new “investigation” of President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. There is NO EVIDENCE that either man has done ANYTHING that warrants impeachment, but that’s what they’re after. They don’t accept the results of the 2016 election and want to reverse it, at all costs. They know Kavanaugh will not let them get away with the abuses that liberal-run courts have allowed, so they hope they can win this way.

VIOLENCE OF THE LEFT: The left hates Tucker Carlson, because he doesn’t let them get away with ducking the real questions he asks them when they feel like they have to go on his show or be called a coward. He makes them actually ANSWER his pointed questions and forces them to back up their claims with facts (if they have any, which they usually don’t). He is actually EFFECTIVE, not like racist Don Lemon and other left-wing anchors. So now he is a target of “Mad Max(ine) Waters’ violence against people who don’t follow the left-wing line. The today’s version of the KKK, known as ANTIFA, has attacked Carlson at his HOME. While he was on the air, they showed up at his home and terrorized his family, demanding he “leave town.” They called him a racist, when many of their actions are racist. They don’t go after CNN’s Don Lemon, who IS a racist. They don’t even know what racism IS. So far no word on any arrests, if any.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Say, remember the five terrorists Obama freed in return for them freeing Bowe Bergdahl? They’re baaack. They’re now “negotiating as part of the Taliban who SAY they’re “working for peace in Afghanistan.” But who knows how many people they kill behind the scenes? Big Obama blunder, among many… Taliban says it’s “working for peace in Afghanistan.” Riiiight! They talk a good game while their friends kill people. And the “talks” give them time to regroup and rearm, and bring in new killers, while they “talk”… One unknown Dumocrat actor says, “There will be blood in the streets if Dumocrats lose.” Typical of a Dumocrat. What he needs to learn is that violence works both ways. If you come to do violence on me, I will do violence on you… Unknown musician Pharrell Williams sends a “cease and desist” order to President Trump. Does he actually think that will change what Trump is doing? Typical Dumocrat ignorance. Nobody cares what this guy thinks

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