Tuesday, November 6, 2018

"Pro-ANTIFA Studies"

A pro-ANTIFA professor has written, “If we don’t destroy capitalism, it will destroy us!” Never mind it is capitalism (also known as “the free market”) that is the reason America is the destination of choice for millions of people who want to improve their lot in life. Never mind that even socialist countries that have imposed socialism on their citizens, USE the free market in their dealings with other countries on the world market. They go out to make PROFIT, while decrying profit for their people. Never mind the fact that socialism NEEDS capitalists and people who EARN their living, to create victims they can LOOT to support their socialism. The free market (called “capitalism” in a jeering way by socialists) is the very reason the United States has been able to outstrip civilizations that have been around for thousands of years, in about 300 years.

I SMELL BS!” They did a “study” about “pediatric gun victims.” Which included results from “children” up to age 19. That doesn’t sound much like “children” to me. Their results included injuries and deaths from GANG shootings. Gang members may be the same AGE as SOME children, but the very fact that most of them carry their own guns, and shoot back, makes them ADULTS, to anybody who has a scintilla of INTELLIGENCE. The very fact that these gang members are included in this “study” makes its results very questionable, in my estimation. Even phony.

LEMON CONTRADICTS HIMSELF: He whines about people “dehumanizing other people,” and then goes on to “dehumanize” all white people by calling them terrorists. And Fox News” weather lady Janice Dean wonders what his white male boyfriend thinks about him labeling ALL white people as terrorists? Like most liberal fools, he doesn’t think before opening his big mouth. Of course, the contradiction of liberals in their actions means nothing to them. Like firing Meghan Kelly for a comment only liberal fools think of as racism, while ignoring Lemon’s BLATANT racism.

HOW STUPID ARE THEY? The anti-gun fools are stupid. Totally stupid. Laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and other miscreants DO NOT WORK. They have to know this. But they insist on making them, anyway. People who want to commit serious crimes just IGNORE their silly laws. And they don’t usually stand for background checks because they get their guns illegally—thus bypassing that “requirement.” When you buy a gun from someone out of the trunk of his car in a back alley somewhere, or STEAL it, no background check is possible, or required. “Gun-free zones” merely provide wannabe mass shooters with a “target rich environment,” because they can be pretty sure law-abiding people who OBEY laws will not bring their guns there.

COFFMAN’S DONE NOTHING”: That’s what this Colorado politician's opponent’s ads say. “He opposes increased background checks and banning certain kinds of weapons, so we need to vote him out.” I wish they would tell me, what would THEY do? None of the laws already in force have done a single thing to limit or stop gun violence, and that includes the laws they are talking about. Increased background checks only affect those who get their guns LEGALLY, which people contemplating major “gun crime” never do. Banning guns likewise. Those bans only affect people who buy their guns LEGALLY.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Everything is racist! At least, that’s what the liberals (and Dumocrats) think. At least, that’s what they tell us. And everything Trump does is racist! Whether race is involved, or not. If Trump has a BM and it’s brown, that’s because he’s a racist! That’s their story and they’re stickin’ to it… Legitimizing racism: CNN’s Don Lemon says America’s biggest terror threat is “white men.” This is an obvious attempt to paint all white men as “the bad guys,” without any kind of proof, which is how they promote anti-white racism… Dumocrat activist Muslim Linda Sarsour says we should “stop humanizing Jews.” Talk about naked racism! We all know Muslims hate Jews, so why do we even listen to what this old bag says? We need to just ignore her…

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