Monday, November 5, 2018

Now They're Armed!

One thing told us about the “caravans” of people coming to “overrun” our border was that they are a “peaceful” people, so we’d better not hurt any of them, or Dumocrats will “go nuts” on us, and voters will desert us. Now there is a second bunch coming toward our borders, with GUNS. And BOMBS! Some had gasoline bombs made from soft drink bottles, while others have improvised PVC tubes, presumably to make pipe bombs. One confrontation with Mexican “authorities” left one “migrant” dead. A thing which, I’m sure our liberals will use to much advantage.

JUST STUPID, OR WHAT? That’s the question I have about the anti-gun fools who think all they have to do is make a law against criminals carrying guns, and they’ll stop. That’s a stupid assumption. “Gun-free zones” offer a “target-rich” area for potential mass shooters, allowing them to be pretty sure there will be no law-abiding people there who are armed and able to resist them, because they DO obey the law—which is more than I can say for criminals, who obey NO laws. So what makes the anti-gun fools think they will obey their laws?

DON LEMON’S A FOOL: A DAMNED fool!! He really thinks someone with a modicum of INTELLIGENCE will believe the crap he makes up and “reports” as news. Like his latest effort, trying to convince the world that “white men” were a “terrorist threat” and should be subjected to “travel restrictions,” among other things, as if being white makes them some kind of a criminal. What amazes me is that he “reports” these figments of his fertile imagination as if they were true. They’re not. He really thinks black people have the kind of power to make his ideas work. Frankly, this fool reminds me of the things WHITE racists said about black people in the past, while other racists believed them, and acted on them.

VOTING DEMOCRAT IS DUMB: Why anybody with any intelligence would vote for a Dumocrat is beyond me. They have nothing to offer except a return to the economic miasma of the Obama years. They have PROMISED to reverse all the good things Trump has done, including the tax reductions that have allowed us to keep more of that we EARN. They have told us that they will immediately move to impeach the president who has done all those good things—like bringing the unemployment rate down to record lows while the stock market has risen to record highs, constantly. Yes, there is a little “correction” that happened, but the over all direction is UP.

PROVING HIS POINT: Conservative Professor Samuel Abrams wrote an op-ed about the lack of intellectual diversity, and students went bananas, wanting him to be “run off the campus on a rail.” Which does nothing except prove the point he was trying to make. The first thing the students (we think) did was to deface his office door. I say “we think” because, in today’s atmosphere, it might have been a member of the school “administration.” The college’s president. Christie Judd, after releasing a very tepid response to the vandalism, accused professor Abrams of “attacking members of his community.” Never mind his target was college administrators, and was “right on.” Thus proving his point, perfectly.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Socialism is “gaining ground” in the Dumocrat Party, after failing many times wherever it has been tried, most recently in Russia and Venezuela, while making life miserable for Cubans for the last 50 years. Why people are dumb enough to accept it after its dismal record is beyond meWhitey Bulger, the former mob boss who was on the run for 16 years and finally got a life sentence, actually got a death sentence from fellow convicts. He was 89 years old, and in failing health, so I’d bet he didn’t have much time left, anyway… Obama is giving Trump a hard time about “children in cages,” completely forgetting those infamous pictures were taken during HIS administration… He ain’t gonna like it, but all those who helped save the Synagogue killer’s life after he got shot by the cops while he was killing Jews, were Jews, themselves. But they saved his life, anyway…

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