Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Capitalism Is Foolishness"

That’s what the left says, because they want to push collectivism (otherwise known as socialism, Fascism, communism, progressivism, and many other “isms,” ALL of which are, in one form or another, collectivism). They SAY it as if it were true, which is their “modus operandi”: repeat a lie over and over until people come to accept it as truth and will fight you if you try and correct them. Actually, it is COLLECTIVISM that is “foolishness,” not capitalism, and I CAN prove that.

THE “GREAT PRETENDER”: That word adequately describes Obama. He PRETENDS to know how to solve this nation’s problems while he works hard, behind the scenes to make it worse so he can impose SOCIALISM on us. He PRETENDS to be “confident” of re-election when he is “deathly afraid” the Tea Parties are going to unseat him. He PRETENDS to be able to “lower the sea levels” and stop the glaciers from melting. He is ALL pretense, and NO substance.

“PRICE FIXERS”: There are laws against businesses “fixing prices,” while allowing their WORKERS to “fix prices” when it comes to the wages they must pay them when unions represent them. So they’re caught between the “price fixing” unions that keep wages high and the laws that prevent them from raising their prices to compensate.

“ASKING” THEM TO PAY THE SAME: The liberals say, “Is asking the rich to pay the same amount of taxes as the poor too much?” NO, it’s not. But they’re DEMANDING they pay MORE than “the poor.” They SAY “the rich don’t pay their fair share,” but they DO. They pay MOST of the income taxes paid! The top 25 of taxpayers pay 86% of income taxes paid! But don’t quote that to a liberal. He’ll call you a liar and insult you.

TAX AND SPEND: all Obama (and other liberals) know is “tax and spend.” That’s all they can do. Tax you more and more, and spend every dime they can get their hands on. Notice that EVERY suggestion they make involves SPENDING more and more of your money. They hide that as bet they can with flowery words, but that’s all they know.

“THOSE NASTY CORPORATIONS!” Next time somebody gripes about “those nasty large corporations,” ask him/her what kind of car he/she drives. If he/she has a cell phone; or a job. Or how much gasoline he/she uses to get around; or how often he/she flies somewhere. Does he/she have a computer? Use electricity? How does he/she heat his/her house or apartment? Funny; seems like we NEED large corporations and the products/services they provide, to SURVIVE. If we got rid of them, we’d be back in the 1800s now. Funny how all those “Occupy Wall Street” protesters don’t seem to have jobs, but many have computers or Blackberries, or iPhones.

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