Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"If BHO Loses, We're Doomed!"

That's what AFL-CIO says. Isn’t it lovely to see the left terrified? They know Obama has screwed up royally and it will be an amazing thing if he wins re-election. So they’re telling their members they’d better “get out there and get the vote out” for him, or “we’re doomed.” I LOVE it! They still try to vilify the “Tea Parties,” though how do you vilify an idea? Which is what the “Tea Parties” are. An idea created by Obama’s overreaching policies.

“DEATH IN THE FAMILY’: Last Saturday my computer locked up and refused to do anything. I took it to the “computer hospital” and they declared it dead. So now I have an IBM Think Pad again and I’m slowly getting it set up to do what I need. Thanks for your patience. (Ray Thomas)

OBAMA PROMOTES MADAGASKAR LABOR: Remember the completely unnecessary raid on Gibson guitars because they allegedly used “illegal wood” that was the moral equivalent of “blood diamonds?” Now word is that the government has told them in a legal pleading that most of the problems would go away if they outsourced their labor to Madagascar. Talk about blatant attempts to make the employment picture worse!

DESTROYING “BIG BUSINESS”: They want to destroy the businesses that keep this world running; Obama has PLEDGED to “bankrupt the coal industry.” How STUPID is this? The coal industry is ESSENTIAL to CREATING electricity, which is essential to keep this world running. Without coal, we would have NO electricity, which has become absolutely essential to our lives. Without it, we would have chaos. Yes, we DID live for many years without electricity, but life was a lot harder, and we have become accustomed to the ease of life that electricity has given us.

“SHARE”: They teach our children to “share,” but they don’t teach them how to gain things TO “share.” They tell them that “sharing” is the most important thing they can do without mentioning that many people only want to be on the RECEIVING END of “sharing” and never do anything to have something THEY can “share.” They want US to share, but they don’t want to share what THEY have.

BIG 3 IGNORES CARSON’S SMEAR: Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN), SMEARED the Tea Parties by saying they would like to see people like him “hanging.” Did the “Big 3” cover it? No. But if a Republican ever said such a thing, it would be screamed to the skies and be the top story for three weeks. A good example of the “double standard.

“HELL NO, WE WON’T GO!” Obama wants to honor 5-time NASCAR champ Jimmy Johnson and invited all NASCAR drivers to attend. A large number of them refused, saying they have other commitments. Now what other commitments could they have that couldn’t be canceled or postponed if they really wanted to meet the president? Maybe they just don’t want to meet THIS president. I know I would certainly reject such an invitation from this con man who conned his way into the presidency. Being president doesn’t make him less of a con man.

RACISTS SEE RACISM EVERYWHERE: People who see racism everywhere, even where it doesn’t exist are racists themselves. Most normal people don’t even THINK about racism most of the time. Democrats and other Obama promoters have made what race problems we do have left in this country worse by claiming racism every time somebody disagrees with Obama.

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